Hellraiser Paperweight


Introduction: Hellraiser Paperweight

A paperweight that moves like the hellraiser puzzle box.
printable 123d file included
This instructable has been updated to more resemble the box from the movie.  A lot of glue and carving later, you get a functioning piece.
You can also print a scale box image from the internet to complete the look.



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    Not sure what you mean by the question. I started the costume for last years Halloween but as I didn't get the last details done it has just been laying here waiting to be finished.

    The cube is just another part where my plan was to have a full cube, but with this design I might just be able to make it a double piece if I can construct it. Would be nice if wasn't something solid =)

    With autodesk 123D. It is a free program and can output directly to a 3d plotter (model maker)

    Thanks. This one is really interesting for me as I actually have a Hellraiser costume under production and the cube I was to make was just a cube with the symbols. If I can get what I have to work with this, It will be something unexpected.