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This is no doubt the sickest project/thing I have ever made! This board is as low as a dime and looks awesome. Its idea was made to replicate the Hellaflush cars that were very, very low. If you have the tools to do this, it is definitely worth a try!

I made this Instructable after I made my board so the pictures may not be completely accurate, but they will give you an idea on how to do this.

Step 1: Materials

I have provided a very in-depth and thorough list of what materials you may need, however you may get by only using some of these items. I used an old skate deck, trucks, and wheels which saved me a ton of money, so I recommend if you have an old deck use it! You can also use longboard parts if you like (ex. deck, trucks, etc.).


-Skateboard deck
-Skateboard trucks

-Skateboard wheels

-Various pliers


-Coping saw

-8 3 inch screws and accompanying nuts (that fit with the holes of the trucks)



-Drill with drilling bits



-Skate tool





Step 2: Making Cutting Lines

Now make sure to get this part right because going back and marking and cutting isn't too fun. Make sure your pencil is straight up and down and not angled so you make enough clearance in order for the wheels to roll. If your trucks are already on you can make your marks, if they aren't just put them about where they should be and make sure they don't move so you get accurate markings. Mark on both sides of the wheels and of the back of it to mark out where to cut. Check out the pictures if you need help.

Step 3: Cutting the Board

Now just cut along your guidelines. when you get to the horizontal cut, try to cut off the excess wood between your two vertical cuts and drill a hole where the cuts would meet and fit your coping saw in there. There are notes on the pics to show you where. You can also use a Dremel or power saw to do all the cutting if you prefer.

Step 4: Test Fitting

Now this can be done before or after spray painting and/or sanding your board. Just make sure everything fits and has clearance to move.

Step 5: Spray Painting and Sanding

Spray paint any designs you want but don't put too much work into it because there is a likely chance it may get scraped off. Also sand your areas you cut to add a cleaner look.

Step 6: Put Everything Together

Now put everything together. The screws go in through the bottom and you can pretty much figure it out from there. You can also put washers on the bottom for better pressure distribution and less chances of the board cracking. If you want, put some threadlock on the nuts so they don't come loose after riding. If you are confused about assembly check out the pics for help!

Step 7: Your Board Is Now Hellaflush!!!

Now you have a sick board that is sure to draw attention and... well scrape. If you used longboard wheels, it will raise your board so that won't happen. Go riding around and look mega uber (lol) with your new Hellaflush board. To ride this board, because its turning abilities are not that usable, you have to do kickturns (putting pressure on the tail and moving the nose in the way you want to turn). Your foot placement on the board is one foot near the middle or front truck and the other foot on the tail. It may take some getting use to, but after you get the idea its really, really fun!

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If you made this post a picture on Instagram and hashtag #HellaflushBoardMark and I'll repost the best ones!

*EDIT* People have been commenting that it cannot be ridden so I have added a video to show how to ride it and that it is possible to ride the Hellaflush Board.



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I have finally created a video explaining and showing how to ride the Hellaflush Board and showing that it can be ridden! Check it out!

So I'm in the progress of making a slammed Skate-/Longboard (It technically is more of a slammed Chodeboard) and came across some problems:

No steering at all (I knew it would be terrible but none at all?)

Twisting trucks (It doesn't just not steer how I want it, it's steering by itself)

So my question: Did you come across these or similar problems and how did you solve them? :)

make sure you either have smaller trucks or cheap Walmart ones as a pro set sometimes is a lot larger and will need next to impossible to find for less the 60$ 10-32 x 3 1/2 in bolts PS the boltnsize you want to use is #10-32 x 3 in they come in three packs

I'm firm believer in BMX and personally can't stay on a skateboard for crap. You can't slam a bike, and I've got an old deck, I'm making this tomorrow!! give me a few days and you'll see it on IG!!


Come and see a beautiful LOW SK8 on this page !! https://www.facebook.com/DavidLePinstrippeur

what made u think of that. but dig it tho. nice job.

I should go to walmart get a cheap board since I don't have one and get long board trucks and wheels and make a smooth hellaflush board