I've looked on this website a few times to get inspiration and creative ideas for all sorts.

I decided to make Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom because I felt this would be a great first project to share on the instructables website.

I hope you have as much fun making this as I did.

There is a short video over on youtube here http://youtu.be/RAyTTJ5jMBY

Thank you.

Blan The Genius

Step 1: Hellboy's - Illuminating Right Hand of Doom (RHOD) - Materials

Picture of Hellboy's - Illuminating Right Hand of Doom (RHOD) - Materials

Polystyrene sheet
1000mm length x 594mm width x 25mm thick

SupaDec (Spray Paint) 400ml
Colour = Red

PlastiKote (Matt Super Spray Paint) 400ml
Colour = Black

Cocktail Sticks

Bamboo stick

UHU (All Purpose Adhesive) 32ml

EVO-STIK Grab N Fill (Gap filling adhesive) to be used with mastic gun

Platube LED Shoelaces (1 pair)
Colour = Orange

Hot wire cutting machine

Soldering iron


Marker pen

Protective face mask (use when spraying paint, soldering and cutting the foam using the hot wire machine).
Dinoman2172 months ago

Looks awesome! I personally would add some mechanical joints, but it looks awesome!

blanthegenius (author)  Dinoman2172 months ago

Thanks Dinoman217,
Yeah that's a great idea.

Attmos1 year ago
Yours is awesome too. Really nice job with detailing the polystyrene.
blanthegenius (author)  Attmos1 year ago
Honus1 year ago
Love it! I'm a huge Hellboy fan. :)
blanthegenius (author)  Honus1 year ago
Thanks Honus.