I've looked on this website a few times to get inspiration and creative ideas for all sorts.

I decided to make Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom because I felt this would be a great first project to share on the instructables website.

I hope you have as much fun making this as I did.

There is a short video over on youtube here http://youtu.be/RAyTTJ5jMBY

Thank you.

Blan The Genius

Step 1: Hellboy's - Illuminating Right Hand of Doom (RHOD) - Materials


Polystyrene sheet
1000mm length x 594mm width x 25mm thick

SupaDec (Spray Paint) 400ml
Colour = Red

PlastiKote (Matt Super Spray Paint) 400ml
Colour = Black

Cocktail Sticks

Bamboo stick

UHU (All Purpose Adhesive) 32ml

EVO-STIK Grab N Fill (Gap filling adhesive) to be used with mastic gun

Platube LED Shoelaces (1 pair)
Colour = Orange

Hot wire cutting machine

Soldering iron


Marker pen

Protective face mask (use when spraying paint, soldering and cutting the foam using the hot wire machine).
<p>Looks awesome! I personally would add some mechanical joints, but it looks awesome!</p>
<p>Thanks Dinoman217,<br>Yeah that's a great idea.</p>
Yours is awesome too. Really nice job with detailing the polystyrene.
Love it! I'm a huge Hellboy fan. :)
Thanks Honus.

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