Like many folks, I like spicy food. In fact, for me, the hotter the better. I'm talking the kind of "hot" that makes you cry, sweat, and think twice about what you just did to yourself. Why, I don't know, but as a kid I remember drinking a bottle of Texas Pete and thinking it was one of the best things ever (I'm pretty sure it was a dare, but that has to be where it started).

So, about 10 years ago when I was introduced to pickled habanero relish, it was somewhat of a life changing experience. I fell in love with the stuff and honestly would eat it on anything and in everything.

I loved it so much, it made me want to attempt to make my own (this is actually the main reason I started gardening). So, the following spring I started from seed (under the tutelage of my mother-in-law), a mix of Jalapeno's, Serrano's, Biggie Chili's, Habanero's, Scotch Bonnet's, Tepin's, and Cayenne peppers.

For me, it was off to the races and after a few months of watching my little garden grow (25 plants), I made my first attempt at relish and it was a success!!! It was a painful mix of the hottest peppers I could get to grow and to me, not only was it "Hellish" (literally), it was fantastic.

Since then, I am never without a jar in the fridge and yes I still eat it on everything. So, when I was making my most recent batch, I thought why not share...(I generally love to share my relish and will give a jar to anyone who asks).

The recipe is fast, easy, and makes some seriously tasty hot pepper relish.

* You can also substitute all of the hot peppers for sweet peppers and make something the kids can enjoy.

Step 1: Tools (optional):

A Basic Set of Canning Tools with:

  • Wide-Mouth Canning Funnel
  • Jar Lifter
  • Magnetic Lid Lifter
  • Bubble Remover/Headspace Tool.

* I say this is optional, because I canned for years prior to buying a basic set of canning tools. They are helpful, but not 100% required.

I made this tonight, except I used 5 different types of peppers (everything I had left from the season). I'll let you know how it turns out:)<br><br>Recipe was easy to follow and easy to adjust. I really had no idea how many peppers I had, and so many recipes require you to know that. This one I could just pack the peppers, count the jars, then make enough brine to top them off.
<p>Hi and thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you liked the recipe and hope you have great results. I've been using this basic brine for years on all types of peppers and can honestly say, I've always been happy with the end product (I've got 2 jars open in the fridge right now).</p><p>Please let me know how it turns out!</p>
<p>I love 'hot'! Great tutorial... totally spelled out step-by-step. Time to dig out the canner for the peppers/green tomato style. Thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>Thank you for the kind words! Have fun canning!</p>
this looks like my kind of grub! and holy cow you didn't put cilantro in it!!! I hate that &quot;dish liquid&quot; flavored plant and it seems to be infecting all recipes at the moment. how long do you leave the cold brew in the fridge before the flavors really meld???
Thanks!! I agree with you 100% on cilantro. I normally sub it for fresh parsley if a recipe calls for it or I just leave it out if I don't have any on hand.<br><br>As for melding time, normally 24-48 hours will work. However, the longer you can stand to wait, the better it gets. <br><br>When I &quot;can&quot; it, I try to let it sit for 2 weeks...(but admittedly that doesn't always happen).<br><br>Best of luck if you make a batch. I would love to know what you think!
my type of thing
<p>I'm really glad you dig it! Thanks!</p>
Awesome instructable
<p>Thanks! I highly recommend making a batch. If you go for the refrigerator method, it'll only take you about 10 minutes and trust me, it's worth it.</p>

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