Is there something you want to hide, stash, or just keep a secret? Well there are many ways to do so, and I will show you three. Most require items that almost everyone will be able to find in their household. Let's get started!

Step 1: Cupboard Compartment

That cupboard in your room that never gets used can be a great place to keep your secrets and stashes safe!! But it's SOOOO obvious that stuff could be kept there. "Maybe I left that screwdriver in here... Oh, what's this? A secret stash?? So that's where that purse went...." heh. But I'll show you how to turn the dusty, unused cupboard into YOUR hidey hole!

You'll need:
1x screwdriver
1x poster

That's all! Everyday items like these can be pretty simple Hidey hole tools. Now, why don't we get started?

1: take the handle off the cupboard door.

2: cover it (where the handle was) with a poster

3: enjoy your cupboard compartment!

Note: this also works for drawers.
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