Hello, I'm an Owl!





Introduction: Hello, I'm an Owl!

This is a posable owl doll I created. Posable art dolls are my newest addiction. They're difficult, but they turn out well and I'm excited to share!

I started with a drawing of how I wanted the doll to look. I used it to get the correct proportions to make an armature. Using steel wire, I twisted 2 wires together for strength and durability and made the body, wings, and tail. Then I used a smaller gauge steel wire and made the feet with many strange twisted together. At the end of each toe, I sculpted a talon from polymer clay. The legs were then attached to the main body with more wire and floral tape.

Next, I sculpted the face of the owl and attached it to the body. It actually cracked in the oven because I didn't let it cool properly before I took it out, so I had to repair it. Lucky all that ended up on the inside where you can't see.

I cut little strips of felt out and glued them around each toe and around the feet to cover the wire. I thought about using pipe cleaner, but this method looked more professional and was stronger. Although I did burn myself quite a bit.

After that, i used my sketch to trace and cut out all the feathers I would need for the wings and tail. These were then hot glued onto pieces of the fur to form the wings and tail. The wings and tail were then attached to the armature.

After that, I made a rough pattern for the body and head using my sketch and a lot of guess work. I sewed it up, put it over the armature, glued it in place where it met the clay bits, stuffed it, and sewed it up.

All in all, it was probably a solid 10 hours of work, probably more, but I lost track of time.



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    Hey I'm a possible Art doll/creature armature artist looking for some tips. Where do you get ur polymer clay and faux fur? THX for ur help ?

    very cool! it looks soooo real!

    awesome, very nice


    This is awesome - when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a child in a costume!

    You ought to mention your first project over on the New Authors page.