Hello Kitty Costume


Introduction: Hello Kitty Costume

This year I made a Hello Kitty Costume for my 4-year old.  I made the dress, with an appliqued hello kitty face, and made the Hello Kitty Head out of felt and batting. 



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    Are the instructions for making the hat for the child on here?


    I love this and want to try to make the head. Do you recall the link to the stuffed animal pattern? Did the head stay on pretty well? Was she comfortable enough in it? Thanks!

    Would it be possible to get some details on how to make the head? My 4-year old is requesting the same thing for christmas:)

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    Hi tveere- I;ve been trying to send you a post including a file with the pattern I used, but indtructables doesn't want to upload anything right now- will try this again later on- thanks for subscribing! :-}


    can i get the instractions as well?

    Hi inza- the pattern I have is for a doll- not a life-size Hello Kitty- I think there might be some misunderstanding about that- if you would like the doll pattern, I'll be happy to send it along- it will take a little while to find it- I think it's on my other machine. I just Googled something like 'Hello Kitty pattern free' to find the one I used- maybe if you added 'costume' to that, it would bring up links to a life size pattern. Let me know if you still want the doll pattern.


    hoooo, i thought the pattern u have is for the head i can see here on the picture.
    i dont need doll pattern - thanks!
    i would like to make the same head i see here for my 4 years old child.
    i will try to google

    So cute!!

    Is the inside top, meaning the place right above the crown of her head open to the stuffing or do you have a panel of felt there? Do you think I could use white polar fleece or does it need the stiffness of felt? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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    I'm sorry to be so late with this- Kitty was connected around the neck- it was better to join it that way because of the wires for LED in bow. Polar fleece should work fine- there are no openings on the head itself.