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Introduction: Hello Kitty Cupcake

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Okie dokie this was requested from ilikecory check her or him out I sorry I don't know wat gender sorry

Step 1: Materials

Clay red white black and yellow Blade Oven Varnish

Step 2: Base

Make a flat cylinder if u hav troubles check out my cosmic cupcake instructable

Step 3: Frosting

Take white clay and swirl it after rolling il into a snake attach to the base and texture

Step 4: Details

Make two triangles with white clay make a nose with yello and a bow with red take black and make a snake cut sux pieces and attach

Step 5: Bake

Bake according to package and glaze you r done!!



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    Kay so I have billions of things to do like schoolwork and projects in my honors class and school takes presidents over this so ya I'll get it done when I have time

    Thx ill get it done as soon as possible

    I sowwie I hav had a bunch of school work

    naw dawg just duh typical one

    Kool totally like any specific kind?

    um.........I guess a little domo kun

    You r welcome any other requests?

    YAY! thank you thank you thank you!!!!