Introduction: Hello Kitty Frankenstein (cupcake Topper)!

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This instructable shows you how to make a Hello Kitty Frankenstein cupcake topper! Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

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Food coloring/Dye (green, orange, black and yellow).

Glue stick
Rolling pin (to roll out fondant)
Powdered sugar (so fondant won't stick!)
Plastic wrap

Step 2:

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Start off by printing two Hello Kitty templates (search for hello kitty template on google images).

Paste one template on cardboard and cut out Hello Kitty face with the scissors, tracing around the template. Paste second template on cardboard and cut out bow. (If you want, you can wrap plastic wrap around each template, since it will be placed directly on the fondant)

Step 3:

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Second step includes cutting four pieces of fondant. The first piece of fondant will be dyed green (you'll be using more green fondant than any other, since this will be the face). Dye the second piece black (for the eyes). Third piece of fondant should be dyed orange (for the bow) and the fourth piece yellow (nose).

Step 4:

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Roll out green fondant. Place HK face template on green fondant and trace/cut HK face.

Roll out orange fondant. Place bow template on fondant, trace and cut out bow. Add details to bow (circle in the middle and two small half circles on each side. Paste with a dab of water).

Step 5:

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Roll two, small black balls of fondant and shape them into ovals (eyes).

Roll one, small yellow ball of fondant and shape into an oval (nose).

Step 6:

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Paste eyes, nose, and bow (with a dab of water) on cut-out HK face.

Step 7:

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Dip a toothpick into the black food coloring, and draw three whiskers on each side (I marked them with the knife first! Pictured in step 6).

Step 8:

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Add stitches (xxx) to HK's face with the toothpick dipped in black food coloring.

Add polka dots on bow with the toothpick as well.

Step 9:

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To make the black circles around HK's face, put a drop of water on each eye (enough to where it falls directly on the face, around the eyes). Then dip a toothpick into black food coloring and dye the water that surrounds the eye by simply tracing the eyes/water.

Step 10:

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I tried it with two diff shades of green, and liked the neon green best. :)

Step 11:

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The Hello Kitty Frankenstein is then placed on top of a frosted cupcake!! Enjoy! :)


Melina21 (author)2013-11-09

Thank you!

RollerScrapper (author)2013-10-28

So cute! I hate gory food so this is a perfect fun Halloween treat!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-10-27

Very cute! Adorable and creepy for Halloween :)

loliss16 (author)2013-10-22

This is soooooo cuuuute!!!! I'm going to try this with my girls. Thanks for your idea Melina!!!

SlionL43 (author)2013-10-22

Awesome Melina!!!!! I love it! :)

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