Introduction: Hello Kitty Guitar & Amp

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Step 1: Making the Guitar

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Hollow out your guitar with a router. I used a template made of cardboard - traced from a pawn shop guitar. Then glued several boards together to make body. Used a bandsaw & router to shape it. Then a sander to finish. I found parts ( pickups, tuners, pick guards, etc...) on eBay from a guitar that was broken...

Step 2: Paint the Guitar.

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I use spray paint, but today I will use craft paint - dark purple color... I will add stickers to the body & neck, then clear coat over top of paint... I coated the electronic compartment in the back with black spray paint... & buffed out the neck with HUT pen wax... Add the stickers. Use liquid soap & water, light spray with bottle then use credit card to smooth out. Let dry then clean painted surface... Next step is to add clear coat... Then wet sand using high grit sandpaper & water... Then use a car wax (any car wax will work) spray a small amount of water, add wax, buff off.

Step 3: Start Making the Amp.

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Pick out your cigar box for the amp. Then sand it down (carefully). & remove all paper labels from inside. Paint it same color as guitar & add your stickers. Then add clear coat & wet sand - add wax...

Step 4: Electronic Amp Parts

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This is a basic amp. The second & third picture shows how to put it together - fourth and fifth picture shows completed amp. - Now add wires.

Step 5: Add a Tripod Stand.

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I added a tripod camera stand to the amp.


Roy Glen Gilliam (author)2014-05-05

I don't play guitars - I make them - Don't know how to tune them. The person I gave it to says it sounds good.

samjohn (author)2014-05-03

Nice how-to on making the guitar, and the amp. How does the guitar play? (Feel, sound, etc)

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