'Hello' Rocks





Introduction: 'Hello' Rocks

This cute and simple design creates an eye-catching display that is fun and easy to 
do. So simple and easy!

Step 1: Heres the List:

Scrubbing Brush
Black Paint
Paint Brush (not too thick)
Black Pencil

Step 2: Finding a Stone

Find a stone any size you want that is fairly flat and easy to write on.

Step 3: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

Using your scrubbing brush scub all the dirt off using water. Leave to dry or dry 
with a towel.

Step 4: Paint Your Word

Get your black paint and paint brush and carefully paint any word you want I used 

Step 5: Leave It to Dry.

Leave the rock in a warm/sunny spot to dry or use a hair dryer.

Step 6: Get the Black Pencil

Get the black pencil ready to use.

Step 7: Finishing It Off

Finish it off by using the black pencil to go over the word, it makes it bolder as well as finishing of any missed marks.

Step 8: Find a Cool Spot

You might want to have it under a plant or on your desk or maybe start a collection 
of these rocks with lot of different words. Hope you have fun!



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thank you so much! thinking of writing inspirational quotes and filling a jar with them to keep on my nightstand. Also, if you plan on keeping these outside/in your garden, or just want to make them last longer/give them a bit of shine, you could also add a coat or two of mod podge. :)

Thanks for the idea, thats also a great place to put these rocks on your night stand, please send a picture if possible =)

This is nice. You could even paint them and leave them in public places for people to find. Well done.

Thats such a cool idea, especially for people to look at!

To make them waterproof you could use a clear coat or some beeswax :) wouldn't change to look at all, may even give it a bit of shine.

Great idea, thanks!

Please Post Any photos that you have completed and I am happy to answer any questions! =)