Hello Spring! Goodbye Winter!





Introduction: Hello Spring! Goodbye Winter!

About: I love arts, fashion and especially music. I want to go to a graphics art school! I love inspiring others and always have a smile on my face!

In spring it always is hard to find that right fashion! The weather is switching between winter and spring like an ongoing battle. Well my personally drawn design can fix that for you. This is not a step by step on how to make it but a inspiration to show you and give you idea's. That's what Instructables is all about, inventing your own and inspiring others! 

Step 1: Explanation of the Outfit.

This chic design features a light coat with a warm fur for a little of that winter style. Not to forget the old fashion buckle boots that can handle snow or the April mud. The jeans or any long pants are perfect, not to hot but you don't freeze if the weather turns cold. Of course take notice to the sports shirt underneath, this could represent the end of the football season, or the upcoming baseball season in March. Who can leave the house without a hat or earmuffs? These are perfect, to keep your ear's from freezing but if you hate those hat hair days, no need to worry with this outfit! Add a fashionable belt, scarf or earrings just to glam up the style. 

Step 2: My Insperation

I love the arts, the acting and of course fashion. Sports are always in mind but to stay comfortable as well. Sometimes at 10:00 at night I get calls from friends of fashion issues. Not knowing there closet, but as a girl I have a good sense of what most of us do. So its a little guide, especially where I live tends to be cold a good...long period of the year. Not only did I combine my anime drawing skills but my mission to give everyone a little boost in this hard, cold and down weather.

Thanks for reading, hope I got your idea's rolling. Be yourself, you don't need to match all the time. Don't let anyone judge you, you are you and as long as you are proud of yourself, and happy with what you are doing/wearing then don't be afraid to walk around with your head high and a smile on your face.



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    Thank You, at this rate I don't think I will but no matter what happens I will always keep drawing and trying!

    I so want to vote for you! You deserve to win, you drew by hand which is 10 times harder!

    I was looking up anime and it must of been one of your tags, you need to put a tutorial out on how to draw this stuff! Its boss!

    This is so amazing you need to take your talents to a graphic arts school!

    Your an amazing drawer! If you got Sketch Book Pro you would make some amazing work! I hope you win as well good job, keep it up!

    This is awesome. Look like you would put the sketch book program to good use. Hope you win!

    Thank You! No matter what happens I will always keep drawing!