Recently I came into possession of an old military-style helmet, and I've been thinking about getting it all camo'd up and started thinking about what else I would like to do with it. Something I was thinking about was having a way to be able to keep things strapped and/or held to the helmet. Primarily I was thinking about being able to slip branches/leaves into the "web" so that I can more adequately blend the helmet into the surrounding environment. Having some paracord laying around got me thinking, and this is the result.

NOTE: I finished this before I took any pictures, and took pics as I undid and repeated the process. So I will try to make sure that the pics are adequately explained. Any questions just ask!

N.B. It probably goes without saying, but whatever you do for one side, you're going to do for the other.

Step 1: Supplies

A helmet (really any will do, as long as it's got holes in the top. I like this one, it's comfy, sturdy, and pretty inexpensive)
Paracord - about 25-30 feet of it

Pencil - to sketch out what you'd like the web to look like, where you want it to go, etc.
Allen wrench/screwdriver: I used these to remove the straps and side rails, but I realized you didn't need to after I finished.
It is not a military helmet because of the rail mounts, its a biking helmet.
Nice instructable !! Where did you get this helmet I really like the rails.
i got it from a friend whose work was getting rid of them, but I'm pretty sure it's an older version of one of these: <a href="http://www.pthelmets.com/products.asp?cat=14" rel="nofollow">http://www.pthelmets.com/products.asp?cat=14</a>.<br> <br> And at $47 it's not a bad deal at all IMO.
I think my helmet had just a piece of elastic cord like 3 or 4 times across (from ear to ear)... that was plenty to get it camouflaged with leaves/grass that I actually had to go search for it when I stood up and returned 60 seconds later. <br> <br>IMO elastic cord is better than non-elastic paracord. And there's no need to make it all complicated.
I think the elastic cord's a really good idea, I happened to have a fair bit of extra paracord around, and decided to use it here, that's the main reason for the complication.
That is some fancy rope-work! I made a webbing for my hard camera case, and woven in an <a href="http://www.mcmaster.com/#bungee-cords/=jvwc8c">elastic banding</a>. It's pretty handy if you are planning to hold down branches and leaves.

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