Picture of Help bookmark
Help bookmark is a kind prank , and period mystery ! You can change it to your approbation , your comment on it , for anybody you like him or inverse !
You can make your help book mark with anything , this product is cheap and easy ...
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Step 1: Make a hand

Picture of make a hand
For start you should make a hand with anything , the best things are : paper , tin , pasteboard
Make a hand ! - Your made hand should be string (You know it in step 2)
Paint your hand ...

Step 2: Help him !

Picture of Help him !
Oh ... Your help was bad !!!
You can write any message in your hand , when a person avulse your hand see your messege , your messege can be : Thank you ! , sorry for ... , I love you , lunch in .... 9 AM , and anything ....!
or a picture *
- for visit more samples go to step 3 -

Step 3: More samples

Picture of More samples
IMG_0888 (Large).jpg
Here you can see more samples , if you make a hand send a picture of it to me , if you like ! 

happyjo4 years ago
This is very sweet and simple!
Get this out of the knex section! This has absolutely zilch to do with knex!
farzadbayan (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
Thanks ! I change it , did your purpose for category / channel ?