Picture of Help for a Shelf-worn Paperback
My daughter gave me an early Christmas gift of a book from my Amazon Wish List. She bought it locally, and this was the only copy the store had available. Notice how badly the cover is curled. The fiber in the paper has been broken, too. So, just putting weight on it and waiting will not help.

Step 1: Idea

Picture of Idea
I decided to add something to the back side that would pull the cover back into place. I needed a curved form to do it. I do not know what this is called, but my wife puts bread dough for long loaves onto each half when she bakes certain kinds of bread.
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Phil B (author)  King Crab6 years ago
Could you explain to what you are saying, "Yes?" Thank you.
Absolutely not.
I've found that if you leave your books stacked upon one another it saves you doing this unless you get them that way... If you add the reverse curve then put a lot of weight on it before adding the tape it'll be a little flatter afterwards, the logic is confusing but it seems to help, it also means the tape doesn't wrinkle when it gets flattened. Nice job anyway...
Phil B (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago