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Introduction: Help Our Living Room

My boyfriend and I just moved in together to a new apartment. We both work full time and he takes grad school classes at night. By the time we get home we want to collapse, however, our living room is anything but comfortable. We're happy here with our new apartment and decision to live together but our living room needs some love...  For starters, having combined our furniture, nothing matches! The chunky couches make the room feel smaller and boxy, only having space to put them along one of two walls… they are also the least comfortable couches on the planet! More storage would allow us to put things away and have more living space with less clutter. We don't mind our cozy & small room, it's just the size of our bulky, unmatched furniture that's shrinking our livable space. We would love the opportunity to make our new apartment feel more like a home and less like a claustrophobic box. 



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    I'd part with that big blue couch that overwhelms the space. That would be a start. Light colored toss cushions for the remaining couch.

    The contest says "Take a few photos of your space and tell us how IKEA can improve your life at home."*
    And "-what you would like to do to make it even better."
    You seem to be asking more than telling us, have you got some plans/ideas?


    * With prizes being IKEA gift cards, you should mention some IKEA products...