Step 3: Applying the Mink Oil.

The mink oil is a soft thick waxy substance that is best rubbed on with a cloth.

To really soften up new leather I really plaster the leather with mink oil. and allow it to soak in over night before working the remaining oil into the leather.

The best way to do this is to melt the mink oil until it is runny and just daub it on with a piece of rag or a sponge.

Rub the warm oil into all the seams and joints and around any of the tough areas that are prone to causing blisters mainly the tough seam at the heel.

Apply a really thick layer of mink oil until the whole boot is totally covered,  I then like to use a heat gun or hair drier to melt the mink oil on the boots until it turns liquid, this heating will open the pores in the leather and help the mink oil to soak in even more.
<p>It's the eternal problem. When I bought my leather boots <a href="http://www.palladiumboots.com/women/parade-heel-l-zip-93490-001-m" rel="nofollow">http://www.palladiumboots.com/women/parade-heel-l-zip-93490-001-m</a> I had a few hell days till I made them softer. Your tips are very handy. Thanks a lot</p>
Great detailed article. My husband bought a new pair of workboots, lost the receipt , can't return.Cost $160.00 ! This sounds like it will do the trick. Thanks sooooo much
I just bought a new pair of wolverine steel toe work boots and I lathered them up with mink oil. I read somewhere that to much mink oil will make the boot to soft. How many times of application would that take? Would it be possible on the first application to make the boots to soft by putting to much mink oil on?
Thank you. Got a new leather jacket and its too stiff to ride with. Cuts circulating... applying to my jacket per instruction. Thanks for detailed format.
Thanks. I wanted to know if it's OK to put Kiwi over mink oil because I did my new boots with mink oil but they're not shiny =( This answers my question nicely.
Yeah its fine, just make sure the mink oil is well worked in and there is no greasy residue left on the leather. I think I wore them for a bout a month before I had reason to had shiny clean boots and by that time the leather had no traces of the oil on them. &nbsp;<br> <br> I just remembered that I bought a new pair about 8 months ago that have been left in the box soaking in a ultra thick layer of mink oil since, &nbsp;they should be soft a gloves by now.
I was kind of scared because there were several really opinionated people on shoe-related forums who claimed that mink oil will ruin your boots forever!
Thank You For such a detailed description on how to do this. I am going to town this afternoon to buy some mink oil and I will let you know how it turns out. :)
You might have fun trying to find it in &quot;town&quot; not the kind of stuff you get in your average day to day shop. I would try the interweb, it may save a lot of running around trying to find a shop that sells mink oil. Its one of those old school items that can usually only be found in real posh shoe shops and custom leather shops.
Water-proofing creams, as seen on the labels, get into the pores of the leather better when the leather is heated. It effectively softens up the leather as well. I've had several pairs of steel toed boots, which are rather stiff, and after doing a bit of baking, letting the oven cool a bit, then throwing in one boot for 5ish minutes, the cream really gets into the pores. While you're putting the cream on the heated boot, throw your other boot in the oven to heat up! You don't even need to rub in the excess after 24 hrs, just let it sit and enjoy your somewhat greasy boots (wipe off excess if desired).
The small rag you keep in the jar looks like a shrivelled frog skin.
It kind of does when you look at the thumbnail photo, funny how the brain works like that. I though that this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Old-Timey-Skype-Phone/">old time phone mod </a>looks like Beaker from the Muppets.
Ha, I think it's the &quot;eyes&quot;.
&quot;The mink oil is a soft thick waxy substance that is best rubbed on with a shrivelled frog skin...&quot; Ha ha, sorry, I have had a few drinks and would have sworn that the pic showed a frog sitting on the mink oil. Maybe i should put my glasses on. 8 D

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