Help Your Baby to Sleep ! Swaddling!





Introduction: Help Your Baby to Sleep ! Swaddling!

... Help your baby to sleep ... ...sleep long and calm... This is an old indians way... Swaddling....



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    Thanks for the great, important discussion. This was a great tool for our first child for sleeping. However, then I discovered the dangers of swaddling incorrectly. Our first child has hip dysplasia and to this day I wonder if it was our incorrect swaddling :-( We did the typical swaddling and very tight around the hips. For some tips and full story if interested:

    I think I once read that Indians used to make their babies stop crying by pinching baby's nose. I read in some cases they killed their babies because they were too noisy.

    Ah, yes, the "savages/barbarians/other races kill their own children" story.

    Also told of Jews, Gypsies, Japanese, Westerners... basically any "other" group.

    I think I once read that people who buy into those stories and repeat them tacitly encourage racism.


    Where I'm from, Natives had to hide from the government if they wanted to keep any of their way of life alive. They pinched children's noses to let them know that they had to be quiet. Brutal =\<br />

    we went to a "life after birth" class and the midwife said that you can swaddle a baby all night if you leave the arms out so that they can cool themselves, and leave the legs a little loose to move around when dreaming, which supports mawaliens comments. apparently its the feel of something tight around their bodies that reminds them of the womb and has the calming effect. the same reaction can be found when bathing by putting a wet flannel on the babies belly/chest

    I think the binky had a major effect on the situation. swaddling does work, but when the first thing you do is cram a feeder replacement in, I think the swaddling isn't the only solution. Babies cry when they need something. Food, a change or to get a gas bubble out. Colicky babies are a bigger mystery... W pretty much only swaddled EARLY on and then when feeding because he got too handsy, making feeding far too complicated. Not needed now... I type this with my almost 2 month old on my lap.

    I am a master of the swaddle. Thanks for putting this out there.

    Great Googly-Moogly. It's like a magic baby straight-jacket.

    I'm very curious to know how effective only covering the eyes is, compared to the eye-covering in conjunction with the swaddling, if anyone has a bunchkin they would like to experiment on.