Introduction: Help Your Laptop Keep Its Cool.

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In which a parsimonious manner for assisting a personal computing device in the dissipation of thermal energy is described.

[Translation: here's a cheap way to help your laptop stay cool.]

If you have a laptop that, like mine, is poorly ventilated, this simple trick may help. It doesn't make for a great Instructable, but it is effective.

I was inspired by Instructables such as this:

and this:

There are a great many other excellent approaches to this problem.

Step 1: Collect Bottle Caps

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You'll need at least 4 of these. I recommend 8 - 12 for improved stability. Make them all the same type, or at least of equal depth.

Step 2: Arrange Bottle Caps

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Use a surface like this place mat that will provide some friction. This keeps your bottle caps from sliding about. Arrange them in whatever pattern pleases you. You want them evenly distributed under the computer. Try to avoid covering the aforementioned vents on your machine.

Step 3: Place Computer Atop Bottle Caps

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Like this.

Step 4: Voilà

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Enjoy improved air circulation!

Benefits: It's inexpensive. Highly portable.

Limitations: Requires appropriate surface. Useless for supporting the computer on your actual lap. Looks kinda ghetto.


TheSaltyCracker (author)2013-01-20

This brought my computer temperature down 10 degrees Celsius.

Wesley1 (author)2009-09-26

Try Cardboard, Glue and Spray Paint. For better looks/portability/use on laps.

Damp Cuttlefish (author)2009-07-06

my laptop overheats before it can even log on, i tried buying one of those cooling trays but that didnt help. i hate dell

andrewmd (author)Damp Cuttlefish2009-08-21

in that case youre most likely gonna have to take it apart to clean out the dust change the thermal grease etc.

mrsplooge (author)2009-05-02

why not glue/silicon the bottle caps to bottom of the laptop? Preferably in the four corners

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