I know this doesn't make for much of an Instructable, but we've found it so helpful I just had to share it.

Step 1: Materials

A simple list of materials:

-Toddler (or other individual who wakes you up at the crack of 'way too early')
-Plug in timer (I got mine at Home Depot for less than $7)
-Table lamp (any lamp will do, I used one we had, but you could get one from a garage sale or make one using one of the many Instructables out there for that).
-40W or lower light bulb (I used a 20W incandescent - the point here is it should be fairly dim)
Great idea! If you're struggling for pictures, you can always make a Photo Instructable. I'd love to see a picture of the lamp in place!
Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to add that photo.

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Bio: I'm an electrician by trade. I love to fix things, make things and imagine a better world.
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