Helpful Things for Ubuntu Users





Introduction: Helpful Things for Ubuntu Users

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Here are some very helpful things for Ubnutu (and somewhat Mac) users.

Step 1: Delete a Whole Word in 2 Keypresses

Press Ctrl+Backspace.

Step 2: Change the Menu


Right-click the logo.
Click Edit Menus.
Mess around to your will

Step 3: Run Windows Apps

Mac: maybe
Ubuntu: totally
Download Wine.
Download the apps you wanta run
Run them

Step 4: The End

"That`s all, folks!"

-Porky Pig,
Looney Tunes



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    I now have 14.10 and am glad

    how do i speed up ubuntu 14.04

    I am going to have Ubuntu 13.10 running so I have a question how do I download a program on Ubuntu using wine and a game or program installation disk?

    ok so i have 9.0.4 jaunty working with compiz fusion and all of that but, i do like your desktop theme, how do you get that to work?

    1 reply

    Mods. Don't remember how. now have 7

    This is a little skimpy, work on grammar and add some mare info On another note, are you using 9.04 yet?

    14 replies

    No, An ISO of 8.10.

    You should upgrade, Jaunty is faster and sleeker. Anyway, nice Job!

    I`m changing to XP acusuly...

    I mean actually.

    Why? not to try to force anything on you, but Ubuntu will always run faster and more stable than windows. Also, you can try dualbooting.

    I am dualbooting! (I hope...)

    yay!....UPGRADE....and on that note, why do you want XP (better then vista and 7 though)

    Cus` I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove batch.

    you should lurve virtual box then...

    1. I download it. 2. I play Hide-And-Seek with the file. 3. I click it 1000000000 times. 4. It messes with the groups. 5. It proves worthless.

    Desktop Effects crashing when I try to enable my NVIDA graphics card... Firefox going slower than a turtle... Add & Remove crashing for no reason... Crazy Not Responding errors... Everything crashing just because of my Matrix shell script... So I ask you... Really?

    Not always smoother, and it can take a while to set up drivers. But it is in my experience always faster

    UPDATE: When the New Updates (or whatever) dialog popedup a few days ago, It asked me if I wanted to upgrade to 9.04 and when I clicked Yes it froze.

    This is the best I can do.