Introduction: Helpful Things for Ubuntu Users

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Here are some very helpful things for Ubnutu (and somewhat Mac) users.

Step 1: Delete a Whole Word in 2 Keypresses

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Press Ctrl+Backspace.

Step 2: Change the Menu

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Right-click the logo.
Click Edit Menus.
Mess around to your will

Step 3: Run Windows Apps

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Mac: maybe
Ubuntu: totally
Download Wine.
Download the apps you wanta run
Run them

Step 4: The End

"That`s all, folks!"

-Porky Pig,
Looney Tunes


nerd7473 (author)2014-10-25

I now have 14.10 and am glad

dillonxti (author)2014-06-24

how do i speed up ubuntu 14.04

nerd7473 (author)2014-01-20

I am going to have Ubuntu 13.10 running so I have a question how do I download a program on Ubuntu using wine and a game or program installation disk?

bobert610 (author)2009-09-18

ok so i have 9.0.4 jaunty working with compiz fusion and all of that but, i do like your desktop theme, how do you get that to work?

will421 (author)bobert6102011-02-10

Mods. Don't remember how. now have 7

cool! (author)2009-05-06

This is a little skimpy, work on grammar and add some mare info On another note, are you using 9.04 yet?

will421 (author)cool!2009-05-07

No, An ISO of 8.10.

cool! (author)will4212009-05-07

You should upgrade, Jaunty is faster and sleeker. Anyway, nice Job!

will421 (author)cool!2009-05-09

I`m changing to XP acusuly...

will421 (author)will4212009-05-09

I mean actually.

cool! (author)will4212009-05-09

Why? not to try to force anything on you, but Ubuntu will always run faster and more stable than windows. Also, you can try dualbooting.

will421 (author)cool!2009-05-09

I am dualbooting! (I hope...)

fwjs28 (author)will4212009-05-11

yay!....UPGRADE....and on that note, why do you want XP (better then vista and 7 though)

will421 (author)fwjs282009-05-30

Cus` I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove batch.

fwjs28 (author)will4212009-05-30

you should lurve virtual box then...

will421 (author)fwjs282009-06-21

1. I download it. 2. I play Hide-And-Seek with the file. 3. I click it 1000000000 times. 4. It messes with the groups. 5. It proves worthless.

will421 (author)cool!2009-05-30

Desktop Effects crashing when I try to enable my NVIDA graphics card... Firefox going slower than a turtle... Add & Remove crashing for no reason... Crazy Not Responding errors... Everything crashing just because of my Matrix shell script... So I ask you... Really?

cool! (author)will4212009-05-30

Not always smoother, and it can take a while to set up drivers. But it is in my experience always faster

will421 (author)cool!2009-06-21

UPDATE: When the New Updates (or whatever) dialog popedup a few days ago, It asked me if I wanted to upgrade to 9.04 and when I clicked Yes it froze.

will421 (author)cool!2009-05-07

This is the best I can do.

Phil B (author)2009-05-06

I am always eager to learn about Linux versions. I have been using Puppy Linux from a Live disc on my laptop. I love that I can go onto the Internet with no virus protection and not need to worry about a thing. I also love the speed of loading and shutting down. When I need to use a Windows program, I just reboot without the Live disc. One day I will try Ubuntu or something like it, maybe in a dual boot configuration. Thanks.

cool! (author)Phil B2009-05-30

Try Wubi. It installs Ubuntu on the windows partition, so there is no worry of losing work/hdd failure. When you want to uninstall, just use Windows Add/Remove. What to do is put a Ubuntu live CD in, while Windows is booted, and a menu will popup.

Flea (author)Phil B2009-05-06

You can boot to a Ubuntu live cd. Or put it on a USB drive.
In Windows, you can setup a steady state user to browse the net without worry.

scotty3785 (author)2009-05-07

Can't wait for version 2. I'm sure it will be even better ;)

philgenius (author)2009-05-07

Um....on Mac to delete a word is Option + Backspace. Just to let you know.

will421 (author)philgenius2009-05-07

Sorry... Haven`t studied the Mac keyboard yet. I have Ubuntu.(But my mom has a mac.)

will421 (author)2009-05-06

Windows... *sighs* I might have to corrupt Ubuntu to get XP. (or Windows 7!!)

microman171 (author)will4212009-05-06

lol What? You mean XP doesn't like sharing? Ubuntu has a disk partitioner, and XP is too dumb to see the rest of the harddrive, so XP will never know it is there.

will421 (author)microman1712009-05-07

My dad might help me. (I talked about at dinner.)

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