Hi, I am going to you take you through a simple, cheap and easy process to build a helping hand tool.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials required--
1) Broken computer hard drive
2) Alligator clips
3) flexible metal wire
4) Small magnifying glass

Optional materials--
1) 5mm super bright dome LEDs
2) 3.7v Li-Ion battery
3) 2-position switch (3 terminal or 6 terminal)
4) Any 2 terminal jack and sutable socket
<p>Isn&acute;t the aluminum base too light?</p>
<p>Considering some people use small wood bases, I think it will be ok.</p><p>Might make one myself soon, and if it is too light ill just toss in a few lead fishing weights.</p>
Nope, its a nice weighted base, doesnt move around when youre using it.
<p>I have a similar 3rd hand using a hard drive for my base. I was not able to add light and magnifier though :) thanks for sharing this instructible, I will add such features to my 3rd hand. By the way, I find my clips unstable, wobbly. maybe because I use a copper wire instead of a galvanized iron wire.. I'll try the kind of wire that you used, hopefully it would give my 3rd hand a more stable structure. again, thank you!!!</p>
Wow! This is one of the most ingenious tools I've seen, congratulations and thankyou.
I'm glad you like it!
Thankyou for making this instructable...i will be making it...also cuz its so affordable...anybody or everybody has those things just there in their homes.god bless n keep up good work..plz make more like dis .
That is awesome. Well done.
Thank you! <br>

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