Here's how to do an easy hack for helping hands that allows you to see better. I took a zip tie and tightened it around my small flashlight. The I tightened the zip-tie knob in one of the hand's hands. Pretty cool right?
oooooooooooooooooo cool i love it
Ok Ok.... I agree this is a neat little idea... BUT... what if he were to use..... wait for it...... a GREEN ZIP-TIE!!!!!!! LOL Just kidding. Seriously, I love the idea. and will probably put it to work in my own little work station. xD
Very helpful. I second the zip tie challenge.
You should enter this in the zip tie challenge.
good! It' a led flashlight with 1.5V AA battery
That's a good idea. Thanks for sharing
 Very cool and of course brilliant.

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