This instructable will show you how to build my version of the helping hands tool. 

Now I must admit that I did not think of this myself exactly.  There are a lot of Helping Hands ibles out there.  What I did was I took three ibles, and took what I liked out of them and put them all together.  

The three ibles that I am talking about are,
Improved GorillaPod Helping Hands Tool
Third Hand++
Illuminated Helping Hands

For the first link I liked how a GorillaPod was used for the arms,  The second I liked how there was three hands,  and the third I liked that there is a LED to light up what you are trying to solder.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

The parts and tools you will need are as follows.

Block of wood (for the stand)
GorillaPod or a cheaper brand
3 alligator clips
2 bright white LEDs
100 ohm resistors
2.1mm power jack
USB to 2.1mm power plug
Epoxy and hot glue

nice ible it would be really cool if you had a variable power supply that ran to the alligator clips <br>

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