In the Netherlands, everything remotely baby-related is priced at least double.

Therefore, I decided I could transform a regular set of IKEA-drawers into a baby changing table by adding a few planks on top.

In the next step you can find an IKEA-style manual for putting it together.

Step 1: IKEA Style Manual

As far as IKEA manuals go - they usually come without text. I tried to make mine understandable without text too, so please look at the images or download the PDF.

The sizes are based on a top face of 498mm x 1075mm. If you would like to make the same thing, please measure the top of your drawers, and if necessary adjust accordingly.

The widths of the wood planks are sizes that are readily available in Dutch hardware stores. I cannot say if the same is true for hardware stores elsewhere.

See next steps for some pictures of the actual build.

Thanks for your tutorial. This my realisation. <br>
Great, jkollert! So cool to see that creating this instructable has inspired already three others to make their own!
Wow cool k4linho! It makes me really happy to see people following my instructable!
<p>Great job ! We just finished our own too following your instructions.</p>
Wow ZaPo that's so cool you made it! Makes me really happy! :-)
<p>Really good instructable. We just finished our own. A minor thing, for being so thorough you missed the measurements on the last plank. But we managed</p>
Thank you both!
<p>High quality presentation.</p>
<p>Beautiful! Love the directions you drew up :D</p>

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