Step 2: Beginning Chain

Using size E crochet hook, tie a slip knot with the hemp. Leave a tail about 4 inches long: this will be used to fasten the bracelet later.

For a bracelet, chain 30. For a ring, I chained 12, and for an ankle bracelet I did about 40. When you finish the beginning chain, wrap it around your wrist, and it should be just about an inch longer than the circumference you want your finished bracelet to be.
beautiful !!! love the ribbon color !!!!
Hi! I just wanted to tell you how VERY CUTE I think your bracelet is!! And, to thank you for being so willing to share! I love coming to instructables because it's kind of like having a "Secret Santa" at Christmas time every time you come to the site and find something you like, it's like getting a present from someone you most likely don't know! I know, that sounds a little corny, but it's true! I can't wait to make some of these! (btw... my niece's name is Abigail...kinda partial to the name ;-)
süper bravooo
Hi this work is great thanks for your great idea
Thanks for this. Great idea.<br />
Gorgeous!!!! I must try this!
Pretty, adding the ribbon adds a nice touch.
delightful! I gave up last time trying to crochet with hemp but the results you got here have encouraged me to give it another go. :D

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