This is the first sweater I ever knit!! It's is loosely based off the outfits the Monarch henchmen wear in the television "Venture Brothers". The back has a Monarch symbol crocheted on!

I made this with the basic pattern included with the UItimate Sweater Machine. It is a very fast, simple pattern, and the Bond website has many more free patterns you can browse: http://www.bond-america.com/projects/usm_proj/usm_project_index.html This is where I got a pattern for the hood part. I highly recommend this knitting machine; I made this sweater in a few days!

The eye piece on the hood is two yellow crochet teardrop shapes sewn together with two crochet red circles sewn on top. The Monarch symbol on the back uses a long chain with half-double crochet for the wings... increases and decreases along this chain will make it curve, and make a nice wing shape!

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