Step 5: Leave Again to Simmer for Another Few Minutes.

   Leave the pot on the stove for another couple minutes to simmer with the new ingredients in. Stir the mix well before you begin to simmer it again to aid the process. Put the lid back on.
what and where did henderson sauce come from? Is it ony for meats? sounds sooo good.
My dad was making a stir fry with different style of vegetables and out of no where he decided to blitz them all to create a sauce :) It, surprisingly turned out amazing! <br> <br>It can be used for almost anything, I sometimes make it just to dip Tiger bread into it! It's beautiful with tiger bread. It's a slightly spicy sauce with a long, characterful and fruity after-taste and is great with everything :D I hope you try it one day!
The Henderson sauce = GOD<br>I have yet to taste a better sauce than this sause. My attempts to reproduce the sauce are fail compared to the actual thing.
As science is my witness this has got to be the best sauce i have ever had, we have it pretty much every time i visit and there really is no better sauce in existence, period.
Thanks TOASTBURT for the wise words ;)
Personally, I don't use sauces much but i thought I would try this one as i had ingredients that needed to be used up. Although my sauce came out a bit thick (i might of had to blend it more), it was definitely very yummy! I will be using this again! <br><br>Thanks Nanovirus!
Thank you very much blinder ;) I would reccomend using more water if the sauce had turned out too thick. If not, then you could try and add some &quot;wet&quot; fruits. I have had this with cucumber before and it made it a really good Summer sauce. Nice and fresh ;) Thanks again.

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