Herb Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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My folly is your find with these Herb Garlic Mashed Potatoes! When I was trying to cook up some steak fries yesterday, I accidentally over-cooked my potatoes, to the point where all I could do was mash 'em up!

Here's the condensed recipe for the Herb Garlic Mashers


  • four ounces of butter
  • one bulb of garlic
  • one teaspoon dried parsley
  • one teaspoon dried basil
  • one teaspoon salt, divided
  • a third cup of milk
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Step 1: Prep the Poatoes

Picture of Prep the Poatoes
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I don't know why I do it this way, but I always let the potatoes soak in a cold water bath for about 15 min before I do anything with them. It helps to get the dirt off, I think. After they soaked, I quartered each potato, and set them into a large pot to boil.

Step 2: Chop the Garlic.

Picture of Chop the Garlic.
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I LOVE garlic. Like a lot. I grew up really close to the Gilroy area, a place known as the Garlic Capital of the World. I find that the best way to prepare garlic is by starting by smashing it with a knife, and then de-husking it.

After they were cleaned, I chopped them up pretty finely, but not necessarily minced.

Step 3: Perfect Garlic Butter.

Picture of Perfect Garlic Butter.
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I put the garlic in a small sauce pan with 4 oz. of butter, and simmered at a low heat for a long time. You want the garlic to get really tender, it takes about 45 minutes to do this. Keep the heat low enough so that your butter never bubbles or pops.

Once the butter melts, add a pinch of salt.

About 25 minutes in, add the parsley and basil to your mixture and gently stir it in.

Once your garlic is tender, you can remove your mixture from the heat.

toolala1 year ago
I always make garlic butter and had never heard of this technique. I always roast my garlic in the oven, with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, very low and slow. It's come out so creamy and delicious, like candy. I use that lovely mixture to create my garlic butter. My friends and I devour it. It's a must have in my fridge lol
Years ago, I travelled through Gilroy with a friend as we drove up the coast from San Simeon to SF.
I'll never forget the tiny bits of white papery skins blowing in the wind. I like your style, it's fun reading your Instructables. Even funnier, discovering that you work here!! I'm happy that I stumbled upon your account today. Peace
jagar11 year ago
I cook my garlic with the potato