Step 3: Make clove powder and nutmeg powder

To make clove powder, take about 4-5 cloves and grinds them.
If you are using nutmeg to get a kick, simply shred them like cheese to get the powder.
use 1 tea spoon of each of them depending upon your taste.

After the leaves have dried, take them out and mix them with clove and nutmeg*.

Ta da... You are done with your mixture. Now, put in a paper. use cotton as a filter and u r done!
Enjoy and be safe!


Warning: Don't use nutmeg in large quantities as it can result in fatal accidents and even death.

Note: This mixture is my own creation and nobody shall claim a patent on this. Any person living or dead claiming a patent on or after this date will not hold true.
I prefer to share this mix with the people. feel free to use it. share it!