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Introduction: Herbie Burgers (Breakfast Sandwiches)

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This is a recipe with a long history in the Canadian Armed Forces but that has seen little light of day outside of it.

I have spoken to a number of people about the Etymology of the name but have not had any success in finding the origin, should you know anything please post it in comments.

This is two different recipes, the first with two different cooking options. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Ingredients for first recipe

Cooked bacon (I have 2 slices from a local butcher)

1-2 eggs

Cheese slice (Or grate your favourite cheese in - to taste)

Burger bun

Frying pan

Something to flip the eggs with


Step 2: Time to Cook

I oil my frying pan with a little left over bacon fat (Go with what you normally do)

Add two slices of cooked bacon

Crack your egg(s) making sure the yoke breaks

Once the egg(s) are firm enough to flip do so and then add your cheese to the top

At the same time toast your bun (If that is your thing)

Step 3: Serve, Eat, Try Not to Be Addicted...

The last part is the toughest for me.

I like these a lot and try not to have them too often but they are very tasty.

Step 4: Method Two

Ingredients for first recipe (Second method)

Cooked bacon (I have 2 slices from a local butcher)

1-2 eggs

Cheese slice (Or grate your favourite cheese in - to taste)

Burger bun

Microwave safe bowl/container (I happen to have this microwave breakfast sandwich maker)



Step 5: Cook, Er...Microwave Time

Place all your ingredients into your microwave safe container and cook.

Toast your bun

Place egg and meat onto bun and enjoy.

Step 6: Gather Materials

Ingredients for second recipe (I'm doing it my way!)

Cooked bacon (I have 3 slices from a local butcher)

3 eggs

Cheese slice (Or grate your favourite cheese in - to taste)


Sauce pan with the base about the size of your bread

Something to flip the eggs with


Step 7: Time to Get Cooking

Place the broken up bacon and cut up sausage into the sauce pan along with the eggs making sure the yokes break and fill in the gaps in the meat.

This will take longer than the other two methods but be so worth it.

When you can flip the cooked eggs do so then add the cheese and let it melt.

At the same time put down your toast.

Step 8: Serve, Eat, and You Are an Addict.

Place the toast on the plate.

Egg, bacon, sausage and cheese on the toast.

Eat and enjoy.

This is my favourite breakfast but because I would soon have a heart attack if I ate it everyday, I don't.



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    Looks delicious and easy to make as well.

    Herbie was a cartoon character portrayed by Bing Coughlin, a well-known
    cartoonist who worked for the Canadian Army newspaper, Maple Leaf. Herbie was always getting into trouble, but the private soldiers loved him perhaps because they identified with him. I believe the sandwich was named after him.

    1 reply

    technologyguy, Could be, it was always kind of associated with Arty. No idea if this was accurate or not. Kind of like the term KIT.

    Awesome! I will try this. Thank you! :D