Picture of Heres what you will need;
Balloon, backing soda, vinegar, and a bottle.

Step 1: First step.

Picture of First step.
Take the balloon and fill it up with baking soda fill about half the balloon.

Step 2: Next.

Picture of Next.
Put vinegar about half way full in the bottle.

Step 3: Following.

Picture of Following.
Put the balloon over the lid of the water bottle and let the baking soda drop into the bottle.

Step 4: Lastly.

Picture of Lastly.
Watch the balloon fill up with co2.
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flapper5011 year ago
Um..... Did you know you named the instructable, "Heres what you will need;" I think you would want that to be the page title, not the 'ible title. You should call the 'ible something like, "CO2 Project "