Picture of Herobrine Seed For Minecraft Pe
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Step 1: Finding A Sign

Picture of Finding A Sign
You will see a cobblestone placed between two waterfalls

Step 2: Behind It

Picture of Behind It
If you mine it there will be lava there

Step 3: Watch This Area

Picture of Watch This Area
If you watch this area there might or might not be herobrine. Enjoy!!! And follow me
Jai0103051 month ago

HEROBRINE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

WAFFLES992 months ago

WHATS THE SEED THEN!!!!!!!!!! >:-(

Hidan19004 months ago
I wuz playin' in minecraft pe and i found an u explained glowstone pillar
desserae.gibb5 months ago

Does any one know what right clicking a villager mean or they can tell me how

Ddawg7479 months ago
PaulFrank10 months ago

Guys check me out for a guaranteed Herobrine-finding-killing-success

Austydude11 months ago
Wtf the seed and world is wrong now for herobrine seed is -1
What's the serd
Does it really work?
pcanywii1 year ago
Just so people know, the seed is ' herobrine ' I did this but u cheated. U need diamonds and then put them in a chest. It lures herobrine to u
frodo98791 year ago

lol noobs are so silly. The stone in between the waterfalls is because of the lava hitting the water.

koolKNEX2 years ago
What is the seed ?

the seed is herobrine with no caps

epicface031 year ago

the seed is herobrine with no caps

Herobrine lives >:-)
mcdonaldr1 year ago
Whats the seed?
No where does it say the seed…
izzy42681 year ago
I do this seed all the time. Herobrine talked to me&my friend
I tried it but the water keeps making cobblestone
drewmyster15 (author) 2 years ago
The seed is herobrine
McClay142 years ago
herobrine was removed in a previous version, like 1.3.0 or something
What is the seed???????
What's the seed??
SEAL1906852 years ago
You know herobrine was actually coded into the game, but was recently removed.
How can anyone believe this.... HEROBRINE IS FAKE