Step 1: Finding a Sign

You will see a cobblestone placed between two waterfalls

Step 2: Behind It

If you mine it there will be lava there

Step 3: Watch This Area

If you watch this area there might or might not be herobrine. Enjoy!!! And follow me
What's the seed?
<p>HEROBRINE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??</p>
<p>HEROBRINE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??</p>
I once saw a house that was made out of jungle wood in a desert and I didn't make it it might be a sign about hero brine and pluse HEROBRINE IS REAL!!!
How can anyone believe this.... HEROBRINE IS FAKE
<p>I know ri</p>
<p>as if herobrins fake.</p><p>i got proof. search on you tube ''herobrine spotting''</p><p>oh ya and you can actaly spawn him.....</p>
<p>Herobrine is real. look up this instructable and find him Finding herobrine in minecraft pe. the seed name is needwater.</p>
Hate to disapoint but... Herobrine isn't real... I wish he was though. For proof look up MagmaMusen herobrine on YouTube. Plus u have to sub to him. He is the BEST!!!!?
<p>WHATS THE SEED THEN!!!!!!!!!! &gt;:-(</p>
I wuz playin' in minecraft pe and i found an u explained glowstone pillar
<p>Does any one know what right clicking a villager mean or they can tell me how</p>
<p>Guys check me out for a guaranteed Herobrine-finding-killing-success </p>
Wtf the seed and world is wrong now for herobrine seed is -1<br>
What's the serd
Does it really work?
Just so people know, the seed is ' herobrine ' I did this but u cheated. U need diamonds and then put them in a chest. It lures herobrine to u
<p>lol noobs are so silly. The stone in between the waterfalls is because of the lava hitting the water.</p>
What is the seed ?
<p>the seed is herobrine with no caps</p>
<p>the seed is herobrine with no caps</p>
Herobrine lives &gt;:-)
Whats the seed?
I do this seed all the time. Herobrine talked to me&my friend
I tried it but the water keeps making cobblestone
The seed is herobrine<br/>
herobrine was removed in a previous version, like 1.3.0 or something
What is the seed???????
What's the seed??
You know herobrine was actually coded into the game, but was recently removed.

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