Introduction: Hershey Kiss Wrapper Cards

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This easy card consists of printer paper and garbage from a DELICIOUS Hershey Kiss! I hope you enjoy this Ible and please VOTE FOR THIS IBLE IN THE FIRST TIME AUTHORS CONTEST AND GLUE CONTEST 2016 thanks!

Step 1: What You Need

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Printer paper
4 Hershey kiss wrappers neatly unwrapped

Step 2: Cut Card

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Fold the printer paper in half then cut 3inches off the bottom of the card. This should sorta make a square.

Step 3: Adding the Wrappers

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On the plain colored side of the wrapper apply glue and stick onto the card. do this with all the wrappers.

Step 4: On the Inside

Picture of On the Inside

Glue the little tags of the Hershey Kiss onto the bottom of the inside part of the card. It's cute and it is not wasting any part...

Step 5: The Most Important Step

VOTE:) !!!


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