LED HexWorm Mod





Introduction: LED HexWorm Mod

A little something to spice up my boredom bug (the HexBug Inchworm). All I mainly did was add a couple of LEDs that i removed from my PSP phat dock station and created "eyes" which i can navigate in the dark if i feel like it. also this is not only my first Instructable, but this is my first time soldering anything. its powered by its own 3v battery and contains a momentary switch  (which i wedge down with a paper clip).
the shear weight of the additional LEDs and 3v batter and all the wires slow this inch worm by a tiny bit, but is un-noticeable.




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Very cool. I happen to have the orange hexbug worm. Would you think about turning this into an ible?

hello, i have found that the leds and glue are a bit too much weight for the bug ( it will wobble around but any more and it wont even move). sadly those were the only spare leds i had on hand and the rest went into a new pc. i will try to re create it when ever i can :)