Step 24: World Domination!

Picture of World Domination!
You're done! Unleash your Hexabot on the world!
ecoartist4 years ago
great robot, you guys are very talented, I was wondering if it would be possible not to use the middle legs? Maybe keep the top part to connect the front legs but cut out the bottom half???
rpantaleo (author)  ecoartist4 years ago
The middle legs are actually what move the robot so they'd have to stay. It might still work if you remove either the front or back set of legs.
cmait444 years ago
how fast did it go when it was finished?
rpantaleo (author)  cmait444 years ago
Not fast at all, maybe 6 or 7 feet per minute.
turfing5 years ago
omg the nerd is going to kill us all on the robot of death lol