Hexagon LEGO Display





Introduction: Hexagon LEGO Display

Just had to share this one. I'm pretty happy with they way this "LEGO display" it turned out. And it's modular so you can add pieces as the collection grows.

I used a laser cutter, but I'm sure you can come up with a alternative to build one if you don't have access to a cutter.

Material list

  • 4mm MDF
  • Primer
  • Spray paint

The shelves I made are about 35x30 cm (14x12 inches). Cut guides are attached in Illustrator and PDF format,

Step 1: Cut and Assemble

The boards were cut using a laser cutter, I added some wood glue when attaching the shelve.

But I drew the square holes at 3,9mm while the MDF is 4mm wide makes for a fit very tight. (since the laser does cut away some material)

Step 2: Prime and Paint

I used a primer before applying the color, MDF tends to "eat" a lot of paint on the sides of the sheets.

Step 3: Mount on Wall

I placed the shelves on the floor before mounting to get and idea of how far apart they should be.

Step 4: Fill the Shelves With LEGO Figures

So far I have just put the figures on 2*x plates or various sizes. They are stable just standing there, but they a quite easy to knock down when the kids move them up and down. So I'll probably get some long 2*x plates in dark grey and glue those (not the figures) to the shelves.

...even if that may be death sin in the lego religion. =/

Step 5: Stand Back and Admire

Stand back and admire while there is still some figures left on the selves, because they do look tempting to take down and play with when they're all lined up like that. :)

Thanks for "watching", do share if you make one!



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    Very nice work with Laser cutter

    This is awesome! If I only had a LASER cutter. What kind did you use?

    Looks great, but what fought my eye are the framed star wars faces are. How or where you get them?

    3 replies

    found them here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17998561/Star-Wars-Long-Shadow-Flat-Design-Icons

    so you printed, cut, folded, printed a new back and framed it?

    It's just framed prints...

    I like it a lot!! I am going to attempt it in the coming weeks with 3/4" thick wood (since I have extra laying around) and might try making dovetails with a router to fit the shelves onto the base piece. Thanks for the cool instructable!!

    Going to make the caveman version for the grand kids. ?

    So if I don't have a laser cutter, do you think I could get away with using glue to hold the shelf?

    2 replies

    As cool as laser cutters are you can cut the ply easily with a variety of different saws. Drill holes again saw slots or simply chisel them out. It is relatively simple woodworking ? Well to the younger generations cave man work compared to lasers or cnc

    it's not like they will hold a lot of weight.. would be nice to a "hand made" version

    a 50w Shenhui laser, best tool ever :)

    Such a clean design! Want to make a version of this for my thread or paint.

    Yes finally another person, who sees the beauty of hexagons