Picture of Hexagon afghan
I made this afghan with Paton Classic Merino Wool. It has over 300 hexagons, each hexagon has 3 different colors and each hexagon has a different color scheme, measures approximately 50" wide and 70" long. I used gray to sew the hexagons together, then added a gray scalloped edge.
My daughter found the completed afghan in a magazine and asked if I could make it for her. I said I would try. It took me about 2 months. Now she has a family heirloom to pass on thru generations to come.
mschase2u1 year ago

Have you considered selling them? If so can you let me know how much you would charge for one. I would love one for my godson, it's so beautiful. Great job.

Asenath5 years ago
 I love this afghan and want to make one.  Do you have a pattern you will share?
bilybrn Asenath5 years ago
I am sorry but I don't remember the pattern it was so long ago. I know I found a hexagon moffit I liked, no two had the same color pattern, trimmed each one in gray, sewed each one together with gray, and a gray outer trim.
Hope this helps.
Ermena6 years ago
The patternI received, I was asking for a half hexagon pattern, does not match my hexagon. How can I get the pattern for the one you are showing. that is exactly like the one I made. Thanks so much.
Ermena6 years ago
I have just finished a Hexagon Afghan. I need a pattern for half of a motif, to fill in around the sides. If you have this pattern please send it to me.
bilybrn Ermena6 years ago
It has been a while since I made this afghan but I think this is the one I used, if you don't like this one try search for how to crochet a half hexagon. Hope this helps Starting Chain: Chain 6. Row 1: 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, (ch 3, 3 dc in next ch) twice. Row 2: ch 3, dc in first dc, ch 2, skip next 2 dc, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next ch-3 space, ch 2, skip next 3 dc, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next ch-3 space, ch 2, skip next 2 dc, 2 dc in last dc. End off.
yetieddy7 years ago
I love this....I've been wanting to crochet a hexagon afghan for years but never get around to it. Crocheting all those pieces together is what stops me....you did a fantastic job with all the colors...very pretty.
Bademily (author)  yetieddy7 years ago
Thank You. It took quite awhile to sew all the pieces together.
Hi! I just found about half of this afghan during my move. I don't have the instructions any more. Can you please send it to me?
I am so sorry but I dont have the instructions either, I know it was a popcorn stitch, cluster stick then double crochet stiches on outer edge. Hope this helps
Hilarie6 years ago
Hey Bademily! I absolutely LOVE your afghan! I saw one just like this in a catalog (maybe the same one your daughter fell in love with) and I've been searching the internet for a pattern, not having much luck. In fact, yours is the first I've seen that looks like what I want to make! Would you mind sharing your pattern with me? Please! Please! Please! I would be ever so grateful! ~Hilarie
I love it! How can I get the hexagon pattern that you used?
potterlalab7 years ago
You have done a lovely job. What I like is that you have a great balance of light and dark colours throughout the piece of work. It was probably instinctively done. I think your daughter is very lucky to own this.
canida7 years ago
That looks great! I love the fun mix of colors.
Bademily (author)  canida7 years ago
Thank you.M daughter loved it. I loved making it so I am making another one for a friend.
clauria47 years ago
Great afghan! Having made many a motif project (afghans/tunics/etc), they are a lot of work! You've done a wonderful job!
Bademily (author)  clauria47 years ago
Thank you. I am new to crocheting and it is nice to hear from fellow crocheters.