Hexagonal Pencil Holder


Introduction: Hexagonal Pencil Holder

A 6-sided container used for holding multiple writing utensils.

Step 1: .stl

First step to cutting out this pencil holder is importing it as a .stl into 123D Make and split the model into stacked slices.

Step 2: .dxf

Second step to this project is exporting the .stl file as a .dxf and copying the file on to a thumb drive.

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Third step in cutting out this pencil holder is to import the .dxf file into Adobe Illustrator on the laser cutter computer, and downloading while deleting anyone elses stuff on Adobe Illustrator

Step 4: Hot Glue

For the final step you need to take hot glue and stick all the pieces that get cut out together.



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    I made a bong like this once, but I didn't use a computer. :) It was awesome!

    This looks great. Do you have any more photos of how you put it together?