Introduction: Hexahedron

Just a simple one piece of paper hexahedron.

Step 1: Materials, Not So Hard.

You'll need a square piece of paper, any size or color. I used green, size tiny ;0. And tape... Not exactly pure origami but what the hey, looks cool!

Step 2: Fold in Half.

Fold in half.
Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again.

Step 3: Almost to the Almost Finished Step (awkward)

Start with first picture.
Then fold in corners to middle.Then all other corners.
Flip over.
Fold in corners to middle.
Almost to the almost finished step (awkward)

Step 4: Almost Finished

It's kinda blurry but.... any questions fire away, encouragement through critisism is thanked :) Just click the link and then browse then find windows media player or whatever you use to play videos and watch it :) good luck :)

Step 5: FINISHED (almost) O.o

Tape, and don't forget to comment :)


just a pic


juiceboxplus420 (author)2011-03-14

nice. ya the video was kinda blurry but i made it as small as possible. i got it done! it looks nice. didn't have any origami paper so i used printer paper and just cut it.

inergy (author)juiceboxplus4202011-03-21

Yeah, it was on my old phone.