This is the Hexapod robot that I completed recently, it is composed of 12 servos running off of a EZ-B, I am currently using the script for EZ-Robot's Six Robot, although I am also working on developing my own.

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Step 1: Supplies

To build this, you will need:

-a piece of cardboard that can make at least 2 20 cm x 20 cm squares

-12 standard 180 degree servos

-12 servo lever attachment things

-2-3 packs of paper smoothie straws (the large ones) (from http://www.greenmunch.ca/)

-1 pack of standard size paper straws (from http://www.greenmunch.ca/)

-one Ez-b and power shell

-1 7.2 volt LiPo battery

-1 ultrasonic sensor

-a bunch of standoffs (straws could be used in place of these)

-12 machine screws (same size as the standoffs) (only need if using standoffs)

that is very genius to use straw to build a hexapod with smooth movement. nice job.
I love this project
<p>I am interested with that movement (dancing moves) , its wonderful ^_^</p>
<p>That is good project </p>
Very nice!!! :-)
<p>just launch Ez builder and open their &quot;Six&quot; file</p>
how to decide power supply for this kindaa large projects?
I used a LiPo because it is the only battery I have that can supply enough power when I am moving all the servos
<p>I am using the premade code for the Six robot from Ez-Robot with a few modifications, here is their website where you can download the program to view their code https://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/</p>
<p>This is so cool! I love the look of it and how it moves! I'd love to see your code, it looks like it could be quite complicated. </p>

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