Picture of Hey there is a cup on top of your car!?!
Try this prank to try on April Fool's Day.  Have fun with this trick while you drive around town. 

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
1.  A non-transparent plastic cup
2.  Tape or a magnet (tape works better)
3.  A car
4. To be ready for a good laugh

Step 2: Putting it together

Put some tape on the bottom of your cup and stick the cup on top of your car (I put mine on the side mirror). 

Step 3: The finished touch

Picture of The finished touch
Now you can drive around town with a cup on top of your car.
dreamberry2 years ago
ha ha if you really wanna get people going try it with a baby carrier!
sanorita2 years ago
great idea...............
carterbacon (author) 2 years ago
hi guys please vote for me and please leave your name so i can try out your projects