I always thought the M1 Thompson would be alot cooler if it had a shorter barrel. Inspired by Heydiddlediddle's recent post, I decided to build one! Sorry if the pictures are blurry. =D

....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after changing my nail polish for the fifth time today (and doing some geometry, but who cares about that), I have posted new and updated pictures! Enjoy! <3
cool. <br>
??? The gun...?
Nail polish...really? XD
Why not? =D
Well, the last K'NEXer on here who pretended that they were a girl turned out to be a guy...I find it hard to believe that you are a girl. No offense if you are, but you must agree with me that there are VERY few if not no girls that &quot;play&quot; K'NEX.
I guess it is a little weird that I like K'nex... but I am kind of offended.
I don't mean to be offensive...just prudent, that's all. No hard feelings?
It's ok, I can understand your scepticism. =D
&gt; 'Nail polish...really?' <br>&gt; Went to Saiga12's profile <br>&gt; Info section <br>&gt; ''Gender: miss'' <br>
awesome! <br>
Technically, it is a .45 cal, so it could be cool as a pistol... it looks almost like an UZI if you put a really short magazine in it.
The mag is rounder, I like it more like this.
I like it better too. (too bad I don't have enough green connectors to do the same thing)
Wow. You pretty much nailed it. I can't see anything on mine that you missed ('cept the barrel lol). You're pretty awesome at building from pictures.
Looks pretty good, but it could use some more photos (maybe of the whole gun)

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