Step 31:

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31. You can use the wires and connector to be an extension to another 'real' servo, or for sensors, or for anything else.

You can use the potenciometer as well for some future project, maybe to control the motor speed?
MNskier6 years ago
You can use the servo board to make an electronic speed control. Make a note of the (+) solder pad before removing the motor from the servo board you can then use it to drive the gate of a power mosfet (such as the IRL 520N) to have a low power ESC for approximately $2. Be sure to put a 500-1k ohm resistor between the gate and motor output of the servo board. The PWM signal from an R/C receiver or microcontroller can now drive a small motor with variable speed.
guibot (author)  MNskier6 years ago
very interesting!!! it would be cool to see an instructable with this subjet :)