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In this instructable I'll show you how to make hibiscus oil, shampoo and conditioner in few easy steps. My mom used to make hibiscus oil and conditioner occasionally but I've never used them until now. The home remedies contest has finally inspired me to try out my moms hibiscus home remedies. I was also happy to use my great grandfathers stone mortar and pestle, it was fun!

*I'm writing this after 2 weeks! I had to experiment the hibiscus home remedies I made and wanted to show everyone the difference! I used the hibiscus hair remedies after every 2 days for 2 weeks. I've attached pictures of my hair before and after 2 weeks. You might not be able to see or understand some differences in the picture, such as- softness. My hair is more silky, soft and hair fall has reduced. So, don't worry, give it a try, feel the difference and keep your hair happy :D

Step 1: Materials Needed

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To make these Hibiscus Home remedies for hair you'll need:

For the oil:
1) Hibiscus flower,                4) Small pot (for boiling oil),
2) Hibiscus leaves,        5) Clean bottles or containers.
3) Coconut oil,              6) Stone mortar and pestle

For the Shampoo
Hibiscus flower,               4) Olive oil,
2) Hibiscus leaves,              5) Stone mortar and pestle
3) Water,                            6) Clean bottles or containers.

For the Conditioner
1) Hibiscus flower,              4) Clean bottles or containers.
2) Water              
3) Stone mortar and pestle,

Before starting to make any of these home remedies wash the flowers and leaves and make sure there's no dirt on them.

You can blend the petals and leaves to make a fine paste but in that case you'll need lots of hibiscus flowers, which is quite difficult. If you want to make a fine paste use dried hibiscus powder.

Or, simply crush the flowers and mix it with a small amount of water. Leave the mixture for a while (10-15 minutes) and then apply it on the scalp (shampoo and conditioner). Both methods work. 

Step 2: Hibiscus Hair Oil

Picture of Hibiscus Hair Oil

To make hibiscus hair oil you'll need - hibiscus flower (2-3), hibiscus leaves(2-3) and coconut oil (1/2 cup).

How to make:
First, crush the hibiscus flower (petals) and leaves using the mortar and pestle. 
Take a small pot and add 1/2 of coconut oil (or as much as you want).
Now add the crushed flower petals and leaves to the oil and boil them for 4-5 minutes.
Allow the oil to cool down.

How to use:
After the oil cools down you can simply apply the hibiscus oil on your scalp. Massage the oil gently on your scalp.
Wrap your hair with a towel and keep it for 10-15 minutes (at least).
And then, rinse the oil off with lukewarm water and your regular shampoo.

Step 3: Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

Picture of Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

To make hibiscus hair shampoo you'll need - hibiscus flowers (2-3), hibiscus leaves (2-3), olive oil (few drops) and water (to make paste).

How to make:
Crush the hibiscus flower petals and leaves using the mortar and pestle,
take a small bowl and add the crushed flowers and leaves in it.
Add water to the crushed petals and leaves to make a paste.
Now add a few drops of olive oil.

How to use:
Gently apply this paste on your hair, from root to tip.
Keep it for 15 minutes,
Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Step 4: Hibiscus Hair Conditioner

Picture of Hibiscus Hair Conditioner

To make hibiscus conditioner you'll need - hibiscus flower(3-4) and water (to make paste).

How to make:
Crush or blend the hibiscus flower petals,
take a small bowl and add the crushed flower in it.
Add some water to the crushed flowers and mix to make a paste.
*Don't add too much water, just a small amount to make a fine paste.

How to use:
Apply this paste on the scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.
After 24 hours use your regular shampoo and feel the difference.

Hibiscus home remedies are quite easy to make and they're really effective. If you're not allergic to hibiscus then use the hibiscus oil, shampoo and conditioner once a week to feel the difference, it repair damaged hair and brings extra shine to it. 


Step 5: Benefits

Some benefits of using hibiscus home remedies for hair are-

* Repairs damaged hair,
* Enhances hair growth and thickens hair,
* Covers premature gray hair,
* Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny,
* Discourages split ends,
* Prevents hair fall,
* Enhances hair color.

Hibiscus home remedies are great for hair care (and skin care too). But make sure to test if you're allergic to hibiscus, though hibiscus is considered to have less side effects.


Uthra Ravichandran (author)2015-05-02

Nice post !
I have a doubt.

How to use this oil, shampoo and conditioner together. What is the procedure. Plz clarify..

KaleemP (author)2015-04-22

i whiite hair , if i use hibiscus oil can my hair change to black coour

KaleemP (author)2015-04-22

i have 50% white hair , how can i use hibuscus , if i use my hair colour will change to black

Bipingulati (author)2015-02-15

Hi Author thanks for the post i just want to check that will it work in baldness i want my hair back :(

hiral.mehta.794 (author)2014-12-27

i had long and silky hair. but after i got a haircut till the shoulder, my hair has become rough, dull, unruly, and unmanageable. i have tried out numerous shampoos but none of them are effective. presently i am using an anti dandruff shampoo. the dandruff has vanished from my hair, but hairfall is still continuing. please give a suggestion.

blogeasy (author)2014-11-26

Oh lovely dear!! I never new that this hibiscus can do such wonders! Will definitely use it....have many hibiscus plants at my home...

macomke (author)2014-11-25

Also used Hibiscus flower for my hair it was just great. Got mine from

Used it for a tea too

mozumdarsanjukta (author)2014-10-19

Oh my.. I never thought that a hibiscus can do soo much.. I am really facing a great problem with my mom's hair.. it is going very thin and.. a lot of hair falll.. do it will work in case for a women of 55 years? She use to have a wonderful hair once.. but now.. may b for health.. or may b for carelessness she is loosing it.. and she really can not affort it... do it will work for my mom? plz give a suggession

Oh, that's very troubling! anyways, it should work for any age. Hibiscus surely reduces hair fall and enhances hair growth. Follow the instructions of this instructables carefully for better result. Best of luck :)

nupurshubh (author)2014-10-30

M suffering from baldness due to alopecia
Does it work for that also?

anlim11 (author)2014-10-03

Hi, stumbled onto your webpage while researching on the hibiscus for my school's exam paper. Looks interesting! I have a hibiscus tree in my garden and never used the flowers for anything. Shall try your recommendations. TQ!

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)anlim112014-10-03

Wow, that sounds great! You should definitely give it a try, hibiscus is really good for a number of hair problems. :)

bharathisathya (author)2014-06-24

my hair s curry and strong but for past few days i have hair loss and hair can i use hibiscus ?

Hibiscus is great for hair fall reduction, follow the instructions you'll find out how to use hibiscus.

sirinikhi (author)2014-09-12

among children if you should have noticed there is a skin disease in the scalp, in telugu they call it penu kurupu, or lice bite apply this oil and the dandruff and all sort of scalp infections vanish, and while taking head bath and when using aritha for hair wash, make a paste of the hibiscus leaves and mix it in the aritha decoction and wash hair the aritha decoction does not slip from the hair and fall into the eyes, causing the burning sensation

bharathisathya (author)2014-06-24

my hair s curry and strong but for past few days i have hair loss and hair can i use hibiscus ?

rajanthakur (author)2014-06-12

how to make hair oil..?? i have a hair fall problem, when i apply oil in my scalp i lose many hair...can you suggest me anything..??plzzz

Hibiscus hair remedies are really good for reducing hair fall, you can give it a try, but make sure you're not allergic to hibiscus.

crush or blend 2-3 hibiscus flower , 2-3 hibiscus leaves and mix the paste with half cup of coconut oil and boil the mixture for 5 minutes in low medium heat. Apply the oil on your scalp as it cools. Use it 2-3 times a week for better result :)

asranipoonam (author)2014-05-03

Nice work Muhaiminah Faiz..

can u plz tell me how do I test whether m allergic to hibiscus or not..

Apply a small amount of hibiscus paste on your arm to check if your allergic to it. Thanks for reading my ible :)

jmenon2 (author)2014-03-19

What to add in the paste and can different colour hibiscus flower petals can v mix

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)jmenon22014-03-20

for shampoo, add dry petal powder, few drops of olive oil and enough water to make a fine paste. mix very well.

jmenon2 (author)2014-03-19

How to make shampoo n conditioner which can b stored atleast for a month n tell me the qty of flowers n leaves needed for it

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)jmenon22014-03-19

If you want to store the shampoo and conditioner for month then it's better to use dry hibiscus petal powder and make paste when needed. Use enough powder to make a fine paste.

jmenon2 (author)2014-03-19

If v make shapoo by just adding petals n leaves so to store it w

nidhi p (author)2014-01-15

if i change oil suddenly does it causes hair fall?

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)nidhi p2014-01-16

not necessarily, if the oil doesn't suit your hair it might cause hair fall,like I figured out that for me coconut oil causes hair fall.

marcellahella (author)2014-01-07

I try this today with dry flowers and it really seems to work!!!
I grind the flowers in a coffee grinder and they become a really thin powder,
and after I applied the paste, I wrapped my hair in transparent paper because it started to fell out a tiny bit while drying.
Thanks!! I will make this again!

No problem! happy to know it worked and thank goodness you're not allergic to hibiscus. try using some fresh hibiscus flower for once, it works like magic!

I just didnt know which ibiscus to use because there is many variety…
my friend have an ornamental one, is call ibiscus rosa-sinensis (red flowers, it freeze in the winter), and it really look like the one in your photos.
In my garden I have many of the kind that grow like a little trees, they are called ibiscus syriacus (pink or violet flowers)…but it doesent have any leaves now, becouse it too cold, and they look different that the one in your photos...
So I just decided to use the dry one, the one that I also drink, so I was sure it was allright!
Do you think the kind that I have in the garden will work?

ohh, lucky you, having violet hibiscus! I have pink, white and red in my garden. I normally use the red one for making hair remedies. my mom said that all kinds of hibiscus work quite the same but the red one works relatively well. try it with the pink one and the leaves are as great as the flowers.
I think it'll work :)

Nice, so I will wait spring and start to use it! I wish I learn about it before.
Till then I will keep using the dry one…Thanks again!

sabu.dawdy (author)2013-12-03

i have dry hibiscus.. can i use that?

sabu.dawdy (author)sabu.dawdy2013-12-03

ok il try it with hibiscus dried flowers.. can we make a batch daily? or we can make it all at once?

Dry flower should work. I think making a batch daily is better than making all at once. It really adds shine and silk to your hair :)

zeyanimisbah (author)2013-11-30

congratulations!! :)

Thanks hun!

shazni (author)2013-11-30

congratulations! we are both winners! now it's just a matter of which prize ;-)

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)shazni2013-11-30

Thanks! lets wait and see :)

nadam1 (author)2013-10-26

you sure these works? I might give it a try but with dried flowers.

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)nadam12013-10-26

Yes they do, but you'll have to use them on a regular basis for at least 1 week to feel the difference.

Yashfa Zafar (author)2013-10-15

I use hibiscus oil but never added leaves. i'll give it a try, thanks for sharing :)

No problem! let me know if it worked :)

I think it's working, voted for you

Great! thanks for the vote :)

Minneapolis Z (author)2013-10-16

I don't have fresh hibiscus where I live, would this work with dried flowers? How much dried flower should I use?

Yes dried flowers work just fine. you'll need enough dries hibiscus flowers to make a fine paste. try it and let me know if it worked :)

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