I saw these "Redneck" wine glasses at a friend's party, and just had to make them myself........I refuse to pay the $16.99 EACH I saw a local harware store asking for them.

My "Country" neighbors make their own wine, and complain about how "flimsy" regular wine glasses feel. These were a HUGE hit!  My Neighbor keeps the lid in place to prevent spillage, and to keep "critters" from flying, or falling into her wine.

Step 1: Step 1 Gather your supplies

I bought new 1/2 pint canning jars with flats, and lids, but you could use just about any glass jar you have. I also want to try a 1/4 pint jar for a "martini glass"  (see an example of it in my supply picture)

1 Glass canning (mason) jar for each wine glass you plan on making
1 Glass candle stick (I bought mine for $1.00 each at a dollar type store) for each wine glass you plan on making
E6000 glue (it's what I had on hand) or other clear glue that works on glass
rubbing alcohol
paper towel or cotton ball
Have to make these...Thanks
Wow! What a great idea! This would be great if you have an unfinished drink you want to save!
They would be good for that! I don't drink wine, but my DH and neighbors never seem to have ANY left over! LOL
Awesome :)
Had to laugh a friends daughter has been making these and today my friend showed me a magazine that was selling then for outrageous prices good job.. they are cute...
I too was "shocked" when I saw our local harware store selling them for $16.99 EACH
Wow... These look like a great conversation starter! Will definately be trying these. Thank you for a great Instructable!
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This &quot;turkey fryin', shotgun totin', pick-up drivin' &quot; redneck enthusiastically approves!
Love this, so cute...I know lots of people that would love these.
This is my first time entering a contest like this, and only my second instructable..........all though I've been lurking/using the instructions I've seen here for quite a while. <br> <br>I'm SO thrilled that you all have been so gracious, and posted nice things..........this is kind of like throwing a party and worrying that no one will show up! <br> <br>Thanks also that the instructions for posting are so good........it gave me confidence to try something new.........maybe I'll try a video some time!
I really like these - but, is glue really enough to permanently assemble these things?<br><br>I mean, they wouldn't be dish-washer safe, and really, that's no big deal. However, having a heavy glass candle-stick fall off and plunge into one's 'chap's area' while sitting at a bar, would be problematic! Do you reckon the glue joint is really strong enough?<br><br>I still like them, whatever.
I haven't tried anything I've glued with E6000 in the dishwasher (guess I should give it a go, and report back) but seriously it holds just about EVERYTHING! I've never had it fail on anything I've used it on, as long as you follow directions. I know it handles hand washing (including soaking in hot water) and after all MOST &quot;good&quot; wine glasses say to hand wash! hahaha <br> <br>Thanks for the kind words......I like them as well, and now I'm thinking about ways to imbelishment them! <br> <br>
Epoxies usually bond pretty dang well, so I wouldn't be too worried.
Thats really cool. i think i might try this
I approve.
These are more goblets if you ask me. When I heard &quot;redneck wine glasses,&quot; I was expecting them to be made from cut up beer bottles, lol. Still, really cool looking.
Very Redneck!
These are so cool!<br><br>Make them as gifts, and you can give them filled with... stuff. Anything.

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