This is my method for a sure fire chicken grilling hit. It starts with brining, goes on to smoking, and ends with the grill. It takes a day or two of preparation. All of my meat eating guests have asked how I do it. Now you get to see it step by step. Let's go!

Step 1: Brining

The first step to cooking meat on a grill is to brine or marinade. For chicken, it is always about the brine. Start with a big pot of water and get it boiling. I have never taken measurements of the salt and sugar added, and have never had poor results. The rule of thumb I follow is to add the salts until the water saturates. A four second pour of salt and a two second pour of sugar should do the trick. I usually add as the water is boiling until the water doesn't accept any more.

You will now have to wait until the brine cools before adding the meat. I start this on the morning before the day I am going to grill. I then go to work, and when I get home, put the chicken in the pot, and then put in the fridge to grill the next day.

The next day, drain the thighs and then put the strainer back into the pot for carrying into the backyard.

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