Hidden Blade Design Concept


Introduction: Hidden Blade Design Concept

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I always wanted to create an Assassins Creed style hidden blade. And I have now managed to come up with a design idea which should open and close with a flick of the hand.

If anyone is going to make this, please remember that THIS IS NOT A TOY and using sharp object can be dangerous. Therefore I advise you use a plastic or wooden blunted blade or hook instead.

(This is my first instructable so I would be grateful for any comments and improvements)


Step 1: The Idea

This is my idea. Basically, it is created using a drawer slide, a flat spring, a stretchy spring, and a pushing spring. Also, you will need a blade of sorts, some kind of cord/thread, and a ring. The ring releases the flat spring from the notch/end of blade when pulled, either opening or closing the blade, depending on it's current state.

Step 2: Alternatives

An alternative to using the mechanism as a blade would be to use it as a hook, or a quick-release holder... Experiment and see if you can find a way to use it for something else.



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    If you want to make it more authentic. The original blade had two blades. One to extend out of the cuff and another to penetrate.

    your design is a little rudimentary it could use a little work but it leaves the quarry of retracting again here's a few design ideas for you

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    I've been researching into hidden weapon concepts for 2 years now and had a little design for a hidden crossbow


    3 years ago

    Cool, thanks. The designs look great, much more professional than mine! Did you come up with these? I don't think I could make them, but I may be able to incorporate them into a single, refined design...

    personally I recommend the first one