Hidden Blade Design Concept





Introduction: Hidden Blade Design Concept

I always wanted to create an Assassins Creed style hidden blade. And I have now managed to come up with a design idea which should open and close with a flick of the hand.

If anyone is going to make this, please remember that THIS IS NOT A TOY and using sharp object can be dangerous. Therefore I advise you use a plastic or wooden blunted blade or hook instead.

(This is my first instructable so I would be grateful for any comments and improvements)


Step 1: The Idea

This is my idea. Basically, it is created using a drawer slide, a flat spring, a stretchy spring, and a pushing spring. Also, you will need a blade of sorts, some kind of cord/thread, and a ring. The ring releases the flat spring from the notch/end of blade when pulled, either opening or closing the blade, depending on it's current state.

Step 2: Alternatives

An alternative to using the mechanism as a blade would be to use it as a hook, or a quick-release holder... Experiment and see if you can find a way to use it for something else.



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Questions & Answers


your design is a little rudimentary it could use a little work but it leaves the quarry of retracting again here's a few design ideas for you

I've been researching into hidden weapon concepts for 2 years now and had a little design for a hidden crossbow

I found these images within the first two seconds of searching it. You're logic is flawed.

Cool, thanks. The designs look great, much more professional than mine! Did you come up with these? I don't think I could make them, but I may be able to incorporate them into a single, refined design...

personally I recommend the first one