Inspired by Assassin's creed and http://exoticautomatic.com/, I decided to make my own gravity powered xiphoid.  Though it doesn't seem like gravity is ideal, it allows me to retract the blade. And If I really want to, I have slots to mount springs. Tell me what you guys think, it's my first metal working project! (also, I may replace that metal piece with an actaul blade eventually, so that I can uh... do some cool stuff ;)

NEW DESIGN: https://www.instructables.com/id/SA-OTF-Xiphoid-MK-IV-Arm-Mounted-Blade/?comments=all#C8H80HTGB5HE7GW
dont kill any1 (including the pope)
lol he's way over at vatican city
<p>do you even lift bro?</p>
well it didnt like me but i have to admite that the mechanism is good
Excuse me, but could you post a video tutorial on the construction of the finished product, including necessary materials and tools? And possibly send me a message when you have? I would be much abliged.
yeah, that would be great!
Sure, but not for this design. I have two new designs, the newest being absolutely superior and simple.
when are you going to post it?
Not posting the one on this page, but I have a few more I will post after I get them finished. They haven't been done for a while because I can't work on the release mech until I get an arm mount... Which means as soon as I get velcro and grommets, they are both as good as done.
sweet version of legend of zelda (the song, I mean). Anyway, you totally should put springs on it.
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you could make it spring loaded and attach a metal piece to the side of the blade so that you can pull it back<br />
Do you mean to the broadside of the blade? If so, it's won't work.<br />
no i mean the thin side<br />
:/<br /> Can't attach a handle to the blade now...<br />
Do you mean a switchblade? Which is totally legal...<br />
&nbsp;not all auto knives are illegal, smith &amp; wesson makes one that isnt, its an out the front style one
Sure it's not an assisted open? Also, switchblades are produces for military and law enforcement.
Automatic knives are switchblades. <br />
might i suggest maybe lubricating it so that it slides in and out easier
are their real guns in hte back round also nice
No, I've posted them before.
oh thanks
the mechanism is great but your mount is lacking.
My mount is severely lacking, as well as the mount. Being made from scraps, it's not the best, and I admit it's pretty trashy. I have a new one in the making that is much larger, stronger, and spring loaded. My only problem is I ran out of straps so I can't mount it to my arm yet...
and a video tutorial would be nice.
don't use straps to mount it to your arm. go for a full bracer. It's more stable.
Ok another question. How/where did you make/buy the spring loaded box things??
If you look at the video around 1:04, you can see the springs. I used pen springs. I attached the spring to the end of the latches and to the side of the slide. The box things are wooden blocks. There is nothing in them, except the bolts.
LOL. If anybody realizes, the tune is from The Legend of Zelda series.<br />
I hope they did be scary if no one knows the most recognized game theme sonc next to supermario
You should slice some apples with it!<br />
Very nice!&nbsp; Right now, I'm working on making my own spring-loaded hidden blade, should be done in about a week
I love the lock concept, but try to make it a DAOTF (That stands for double action out the front, look it up if you don't know what it is)<br />
I know what it is, and mine is kind of a gravity powered DAOTF.<br /> Making a spring powered one would need resources I can't get.<br />
ok i have a question. those little boxes beneath the lock mechs, are those &quot;spring&quot; loaded? cause m having trouble getting my locks t go bak into place
The locks are spring loaded.<br />
oh ok
how do u make it<br /> <br />
i made one loosley based off of yours and the ones at tht forum site and i must say, im impressed with the concept and ideas. mine sucks right now cause i made it out of cardboard (all i had lol) so i know wht to do know to make a more realistic one. rock on dude great job! thanks for the insperation!
Ever seen Taxi Driver?<br /> <br /> L<br />
No, but I have seen people mention it on the Exotic Automatic forums.&nbsp; Is there like a driver with a gun that whips out of his sleeve? (I'm not sure, but that is what I&nbsp;can guess).<br />
That's it, this is the Robert DeNiro film where he asks &quot;Are you talking to me?&quot; &quot;Well I don't see anyone else around here, so you must be talking to me.&quot; Similar mechanism with a gun, and eventually he goes out and gets violent with people.<br /> (Back when he was younger &amp; did good stuff).<br /> <br /> L<br />
Meh... I can't find it, but a guy on the Exotic&nbsp;Automatic forums posted a video of his gun rig. When he whips his arm up, the gun is placed in his hand.&nbsp; It was very simple, and I would make an insturctable if&nbsp;I could find a drawer slide.<br /> (He made his with a drawer slide, springs, legos, and a water gun.)<br />
Yes that's it - drawer slide (and this is 1976)<br /> !language! But this is the clip:<br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e9CkhBb18E<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
&quot;You're dead.&quot; Lol.<br /> Why does it seem he moves his arm twice, then on the third time the gun comes out? <br />
sick stuff man! :D<br /> i don't know what assassin's creed is though?<br />
A video game.<br /> There is a version for PSP, then there is the original and the second (which was just released)<br /> Go look up the trailer, it is a very cool game.<br />

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