Picture of Hidden Bookshelf Light Switch
This instuctible will show you how to turn an ordinary hardback book into a hidden switch for a lamp or other corded device.

Last fall, I was looking for a gift for my wife and came across the Secret Passageway Switch at Blight Designs (http://blightdesign.com/misc_book.html).  Blight Designs was sold out, but I thought I could make something a bit simpler that didn't have to be screwed to the shelf or run a chain and string through the pages of the book.

This is what I came up with:

Step 1: Gathering parts and tools

Picture of Gathering parts and tools
First, you need to gather materials and tools.


13.5" or so of 1"x1/16" aluminum
1 Lutron lamp dimmer model #TT-300H-BL or equivalent 
1 push button switch (I used a Philmore #30-003)
2 small zip ties (not pictured)
Some assorted shrink tube
2"x1"x1/16" adhesive backed neoprene (optional)


Drill with 1/8" and 15/64" bits (or whatever size you need for your zip ties and switch)
Center punch (not vital but it helps to keep the bits from walking in the soft aluminum, a nail and hammer will work too)
Soldering iron and solder
Wire cutters/strippers
Something to heat the shrink tube (I used a mini torch)
Something to bend the aluminum (a bench vise works well)
Something to cut the aluminum to size (I used a band saw, but a hacksaw or tin snips work too)

Ok.  Now we have that out of the way, on to the fun part . . . .
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EET19823 years ago
I completed mine today. It went great. I found all the parts at Lowes and Radioshack. Bending the aluminum was easy. It works beautifully. I have it hooked up to a lamp in my room. Thank you for a great instructable!
2012-08-10 18.59.27.jpg2012-08-10 18.59.37.jpg2012-08-10 18.59.46.jpg2012-08-10 19.00.07.jpg
adbkwhitley7 months ago

I realize this is a way old post and I'm REALLY late to the party but I have to say, I actually did laugh out loud on your comment about the two zip ties that didn't make it into the picture. You have a delightfully twisted sense of humor. :)

Your idea is very clever, too!!

zencenter1 year ago

I thought of doing something like this the other day, but it involved putting an outlet inside the book permanently, this is much more elegant! Nice work

aarushg2 years ago
samhandwich2 years ago
Thanks for this awesome instructable! I'd like to convert an existing wall switch to the book switch. Can I just wire it right into the wires in the wall, or is that dangerous for some reason?
I am pretty sure this would be classified as temporary wiring.
I am going to say that it would be a bad idea to use this setup to wire straight into the wall.
You might be better off trying one of the commercial remote control switch options and then rigging it to a book.
Good Luck!
Ammoking33 years ago
whats with the improbable constuct on the wood
ecsaul233 years ago
Very cool. Definitly a gift to remember
imfasa3 years ago
very cool, very well done and nicely illustrated.
now, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just use a rope pull switch (if that's the correct name)? you'd pull the switch by pulling the book like you would normally..
heathbar643 years ago
very cool. I may have to do it. I would like to see an ible on the little bending brake too!

Thanks! The bend break wasn't too hard to make. I'll see if I can put together an Instructable on it soon.
I'll appreciate make one mini bend brake too. Thanks a lot. Regards.
Improbable Construct (author)  kpblogger3 years ago
The Mini Press Break Instructable is up! Check it out here:
Hi, where's the instructable for the bend break? I can't find it... thanks.
Improbable Construct (author)  kpblogger3 years ago
I haven't published the instructable yet. I am still editing it. I hope to get it up in the next day or two.
cincygeek3 years ago
Very cool!

When I finished my basement a few years ago, I included a book-power hidden door connected to an electric linear motor that I picked up while working for a hospital bed maker. Was not nearly as clean or neat as your design though!

Someday I'd like to have a book (or other object) that includes a wireless tilt-switch for the control. You all also got me thinking about connecting an MP3 player so that when the door open, it either creaks or plays the Scooby Doo theme or some such. Ah, if only I had the time...
owlsquest3 years ago
A Harry Potter lover! Have been frustrated with what to get a book lover except another book. This is so much better. Perfect gift and just in time for my daughter's birthday, another HP lover! Only took a couple of hours and the look on her face when she tipped the book holding the trigger..... Many Thanks.
pie R []ed3 years ago
Clever! What i like about this is how easily your rig could be adapted for just about anything! Drawers, doors, chars, anything can be a switch with this! Kudos to you!
Absolutely! The trick is finding something movable that isn't often moved. I'd love to see what you come up with!
how about my wife
i may do this some time this week! if i do, ill post pics.
Well done ic. Been thinking about making one of these for awhile, but never made it to top of my list... Now when it does, I'll just flitch your design. ;-)
c-face3 years ago
I love it! Very awesome!
I LOVE this! Reminds me of the bust in Bruce's office with the switch for the "Secret Passage" to the Bat Cave. LOL! Top Notch Instructable!
Shouldn't microswitches be better for this application ?

I looked at a lot of switches. The problem with micro-switches is that all the ones I could find were momentary. For this to work the way I wanted it to I needed a latching on/off switch.
klubeley3 years ago
Can I asked why you used the lamp dimmer instead of buying a pigtail?
Improbable Construct (author)  klubeley3 years ago

I used the lamp dimmer for its pass through wall plug. I was trying to keep my project as clean and simple as possible. A pigtail would not have had the same function.
Javin0073 years ago
:o Now you just need to make the switch open a hidden door, and play the Scooby Doo theme song whenever it activates.
diy_bloke3 years ago
so do i understand you have to hold on to th ebook as long as you want the lamp on or am i missing something?
It doesn't work with ebooks, I don't think...
:-) Then again, if you print the ebook and put a hardcover around it...
Improbable Construct (author)  diy_bloke3 years ago
You don't have to hold the book to keep the light on. The switch is an on/off latching switch. To turn the light on, you would tilt the book slightly towards you and then release it back to the resting position on the shelf. To turn it off again, you would do the same thing.
That explains. Thank you
The Rambler3 years ago
Oh what I would give to use this for a secret passageway! Unfortunately I have no passageways to make secret.
The clear answer is to build one. Got a room you'd be OK with making narrower?
I guess I should have been clearer, in that I don't have a house of my own where I could make something secret. Rest assured though, that when I do own my own home some part of it is going to get secreted...ew, I mean made secret.
Renters can have secret passageways too! It just requires much more care to not damage existing structure, with provision for removal when you go. Perhaps you could get creative with the locations of bookcases...
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